This site will be for all Veloce's (1300 & 1600) as we all shared the same parts.

This part of the Veloce web site is for comments from you to post here about things we can do, use, or source, to maintain our Veloce in a driveable condition. I have some comments here from a newsletter that I originally sent to everyone on the first couple of lists. (If you bought a car and found a very old list, from the early 70's, then you have something unique!)
Spiders came in 2 chassis, 750 and 101 types. Chassis's in the 101 came in both 1300 and 1600cc engines. The 101 being the later with a longer chassis of approximately 1". The 1300 Veloce Spider had an "F or G" added to the chassis number right after it says 1495. The "G" represents a factory prepared car using aluminum panels for the doors, hood and truck lid.
The hoods were different from outside apprearances, with the chrome strip being length wise down the hood on the 750's and across the hood on the 1600-101's. The guages were also different for both chassis while the 1600 came with a padded dash. In the 1600 Veloces there were two models-European and USA deliveries. (note below)
If your interested in knowing more about the differences, I suggest that click on this link to find out the specific difference between 750 and 101 spiders.(printed with permission)

My records from Alfa Romeo in Milan, indicate the following:

    Production information

  1. In 1956, 14 units were produced with chassis numbers 1495.00018-1495.01039
  2. In 1957, 147 units were produced with chassis numbers 1495.01040-1495.03232
  3. In 1958, 835 units were produced with chassis numbers 1495.03233-1495.05619
  4. In 1959, 368 units were produced with chassis numbers 1495.05620-1495.07612
  5. In 1960, 1203 units were produced with chassis numbers 10103.167001~10103.168733
  6. In 1961, 270 units were produced with chassis numbers 10103.168734~10103.171903
  7. In 1962, 70 units were produced with chassis numbers 10103.171904~10103.173086

  8. In 1963 Veloce spiders were not produced
  9. In 1964, 290 units were produced with chassis numbers 390001 to 390290.
  10. In 1965, 801 units were produced with chassis numbers 390291 to 391091.
  11. This is a total of 3998 Veloce Spiders of both 1300 and 1600 cc.

    A couple of things you can do to find out more about your car.

    Here is some further information. Most of the information is derived from various sources over the years. I would appreciate anyone supplying me with more information!
  12. European delivered Veloce's had a turn signal on the outside of the fender in addition to the white one on the front. (This was a tear drop shaped light that was used on the 1600 Duettos). U.S. cars did not have this.
  13. According to the catalog, European Veloces also had sun visors if they were shipped to Germany. (I have never seen one) My car didn't have it!
  14. If you have owned your Veloce since new, you might have a Dichiarazione di Confomrita (Ceritificate of Origin). It is only issued to the original owner and never duplicated.
  15. According to an insurance survey, only 350 Spider Veloces remain in existence as of 1973 in the U.S.
  16. If your going to paint the suspension over to the original color, consider getting an EASTWOOD RESTORATIONS catalog. In their catalog they sell what they call "Correct Black". This is a combination of flat black and glossy that gives the right sheen to the painted parts for the original look.They also sell the best assortment of restoration tools available in one catalog to the public.

    According to one of the Alfa Digests, the Girling brake parts were shared in part with the Volvo P1800 series. I have no way of verifying this information. Its worth checking out.
    I have some new parts and will share these numbers with you:

    Master Cylinder for Sprint/Spider is Girling # 64067878 (AR # 1356.66.802)
    Brake piston (large) Girling #64325561
    Small piston Girling # 64325434
    Brake Pads Girling #64325750
    Caliper kit Girling #SP2517/2

    This source was provided by Richard Broughton as a source for just about anything Girling

    BOX 50
    FAX 0177-382-1900

    Weber carburetors and parts can be found at a company called WEBER CARBURETOR PARTS Obviously, the 40DCOE2 and 3 series are no longer available, however you can get a replacement carb, series 151 with proper jetting, if they have it in stock. They also carry a good selection of repair kits, parts and gasket sets. You need a diagram to show parts? Click here to see an exploded diagram of a 40DCOE151.

    Here is a quote from Ricky Ramseur on Lucas parts for your car. "I have a 101 Giulia and also have worked for Jaguar for enough years to know something about Lucas. I remember mention of the headlight switch so I dug mine out of its storage box,the car is down for restoration. Printed on the side of my switch is 31158J 3069. The switch number is 31158,the "J" signifies changes to the switch (improvements?) and the letter on the end is increased. Any Lucas dealer should be able to order a switch with that number. I do not recall ever seeing a Lucas part,be it a switch,relay or even a starter,that does not have its part number stamped on it. The 3069 is a date code,my switch having been manufactured the 30th week of 1969. Any decent Lucas dealer should have books going back to the 50's and should be able to scan through using your part number and find an English motorcar that coincides with your application. We have these books at the dealer I work at so if all else fails send me your part number and I will try to cross reference it for you. Oh yes,for the person asking about the headlight switch,sorry,it was discontinued by Lucas in 1981!

    Convertible tops can be obtained from the best top company I know of as I have owned several of them over the years. I checked on a 1600 spider top in what they call Sunfast Cloth. If anyone has some other suggestions let me know. ROBBINS AUTO TOP

    Looking for a windsheild? Try this link for the numbers that you can take to your local glass shop. Thanks go to Grieg Smith in South Africa for this information. 750-101 Windshield Numbers

    ReOriginals can be reached at the following sources:
    Re-Originals 13601 FM 529, Suite I Houston, TX 77041 USA
    Website: ReOriginals
    Phone: 713-849-2400
    FAX: 713-849-2401

    Need an Italian translator that works for free? Works both ways...English/Italian and Italian/English. Go here to try it out. I use it often when its needed. ITALIAN TRANSLATOR

    If you have sources that you can rely on to help others in the maintenance of our cars please send me the information and I will add it here for every ones benefit.

    Consider things like: Piston/Liner sets? Gasket sets(especially considering that ours is a bit different than most). Instrument restorations? Radios? Any thing else you can think of?

    One of the "BEST" sources for information on 750-101 cars is the 750-101 discussion group on Yahoo Groups. There is a link to the site on the Table of Contents page. There are over 600 members world wide that are very knowledgable about where to find parts, how to restore, modify and help you with your car.


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