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Bought from serviceman in Germany November 1972. Wally Sczceniak, Michael Roseberry, The car sold on Ebay 5/13/2012 for $33,100 with 34 bids.

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1965 Alfa Romeo Spider


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Manual 5 speed


Alfa Romeo

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This is an original 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce Spider: This is a very functional running & driving car and can be seen on a video I posted on You Tube at which is titled "Alfa Romeo".  I purchased this car as a pair along with some extra parts. My other car is also a Veloce but frankly I can't talk my wife into keeping them both. I am a collector and have other predominently British makes.  Having said that; the dual overhead cam twin carb Veloce is really fun to drive and the 5 speed makes every British car enthusiast jealous. I have really taken some time to be sure the car is correct, complete, and driveable. Paint and body work remain for someone to make this an outstanding collector car.  I am only aware of a few missing trim bits (Veloce badge, etc.) to complete this car.


Clutch and transmission work very well. I replaced some seals on the transmission and the shift cover on the top. All synchros are good and it shifts up/down smoothly. I am quite certain the transmission is original to the car but can't defenitively guarantee that; certainly the 5 speed is correct for a Veloce Giulia. The Veloce engine is correct and original to the car. I have attached a letter from Alfa Romeo Italy documenting this car as an original Veloce. The oil pressure is good and the car runs strong. The fuel tank was removed and cleaned out; along with the entire fuel system. The brakes have been serviced and include numerous new part replacement.


The original interior color was red. The seats appear original and the psgr side has a small tear on the seat cushion bottom. The door panels appear to have been painted black but the piping is still red.  The carpets came with the car and seem proper.  The soft top is complete and possibly even original. In any case; it needs to be replaced but all the original hardware seems to be intact and in serviceable condition.  The surrounding door sill trim is complete, steering wheel, and horn button are in good condition.

 Electrical & instrumentation:

The dash is correct with all gauges functioning properly. The wiring harness is original but fully functional and in good condition.  All lights and turn signals are working correctly. The dash pad came with the car but seems to have been stitched as opposed to a molded cover. The rear view mirror is correct and the radio seems period correct. The mileage is unknown so I entered 99999 because the field was mandatory.


The car is reasonably straight with no evidence of any significant collision damage. The floors are original and have signs of minor patching but nothing appears to be of any structural consequence.  A patch can also be seen on the underside beneath the exhaust pipe (see photo). The trunk floor is also original and structurally intact. There again, there is evidence of small patches on either side. The rear fender well arches have been covered over by incorrect fender flares.  These have literally been riveted over the original wheel arches and can be removed quite easily. The original fender flares are present but will need repair.  Hood and trunk gaps are quite good, the door gaps are OK but will require adjustment to be really good.


I have a letter from Marco Fazio, directory of Alfa Romeo archives, who sent me the following historical data on my Giulia Spider Veloce. The car was built on June 4, 1965 and sold on January 5th, 1966 to Alfa Romeo in Frankfurt, Germany. The car was subsequently sold to Alfa Romeo In Newark, NJ on March 31st, 1966. I have a correct title showing the car as a 1965 but the car wasn't actually imported into the US until March of 1966. The original body color was black with a red interior. I personally find these colors to be an awesome combination on most any european sportscar for the 1950's through the 1970's.

Reserve and Ending the auction early:

I reserve the right to end the auction early but intend to let it run its course.  I will not disclose my reserve but have priced it low enough for someone to buy and drive or complete the paint and body restoration for less than purchasing a finished car. I am generally available by phone at 319-721-4356 to answer any additional questions.  Please call before the last day as I may be hard to reach on the 13th.  Good luck and bid with vigor as I know original Giulia Spider Veloce's are getting much harder to find.

 On May-11-12 at 17:38:43 PDT, seller added the following information:

I have had numerous questions about the car and thought this additional information might help. I have added a photo of the underside of the car showing the oil pan and engine support frame. Again, the frame rails supporting the engine appear straight and rust free. I don't see any structural issues with the majority of the car but there are numerous little patches here and there in the floor pan and inner trunk floor sides. The front sheet metal of the car is very good and relatively straight. I don't see any signs of collision damage to the body. The wider fender flares applied to the rear fenders are fiberglass and not welded; they were rivited to the original fender. The original fender arch edge is deteoriated on both sides and will require some reconstruction but the majority of the rear fenders appear solid. I would consider the engine to be generally smoke free. If you rev the engine several times at idle, you might see a trace of light smoke in the sun light. As discussed with numerous callers; this car runs, drives, shifts, and stops well. Not every component was replaced but rather those items needed to allow the car to run and drive. Generally everything seems to be with the car except the windscreen washer system. The transmission performs well but I noted some oil drips beneath the gearbox this morning. Good luck to everyone and please try to ask any remaining questions by noon on Sunday CST as I will be hard to reach after that time.  Please review the You Tube video titled "alfa romeo" if you want to see the car being driven.


Original 1570cc DOHC 4-cylinder engine rated at 129 HP
5-speed manual transmission
Two carburetors
Letter from Alfa Romeo confirming the original color combination and serial number
Fresh rotisserie restoration
1,091 Veloces produced
Front disc brakes and rear drum
Front wishbone suspension with coil springs
Coachwork by Pininfarina
Copies of titles and invoices included

A standout entry in Alfa Romeo’s famous Giulia line of saloon and sports models, this 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce is one of 1,091 produced by the venerated Italian automaker. The last design overseen by Pininfarina founder Battista Farina, the preceding Giulietta Spider introduced the American enthusiast to a sophisticated Italian grand tourer combining outstanding engineering and performance at an accessible price.

The Giulia Spider supplanted the Giulietta in 1964 using the same competition-developed, alloy, twin-cam, inline-4 engine, which was increased in displacement from the Giulietta’s 1.3 liters to 1.6. Beautifully engineered with a five-main-bearing forged crankshaft, domed pistons on forged connecting rods and a cross-flow cylinder head, the 1.6L engine with a single Solex dual-downdraft carburetor generated 104 HP and 123 lb-ft of torque, but was at its best in the Giulia Spider Veloce, which employed twin Weber side-draft, twin-choke carburetors to bump output to 129 HP, a remarkable figure at the time for such a diminutive engine.

The Giulia Spider Veloce’s underpinnings were well suited to its feisty engine and smooth-operating, all-synchro 5-speed manual transmission, comprising front upper and lower A-arms with coil springs, a live rear axle with aluminum center section and leaf-spring suspension, and front disc and rear drum brakes. Fresh from a meticulously executed rotisserie restoration, this 1965 Giulia Spider Veloce is a pristine example attractively finished in the original color combination of black paint with a red interior fitted with bright red accents. Alfa enthusiasts will appreciate that this beautifully restored Spider Veloce retains its original 1570cc inline-4 twin-cam engine and is accompanied by a letter from Alfa Romeo confirming the original color combination and serial number.