Previous Owner:

Robert Phillips, Illinois

The car has an original untouched engine with 55,000 miles on it. Car is undergoing an extensive restoration to repair some previous accident damage.

"Bob Phillips was a friend of mine. He drove the car hard, but he also pampered it. Bob drove the car to several national conventions and ran it in many time trials. When his health began to fail & he decided to sell the car, he put the bumpers back on (that had been hanging on the wall for years), took it for a drive, and totaled it. From the windshield back, the car was mint (excluding the rusty rocker panel structure which I have now replaced), and had the original paint with no door dings. I've been working for a number of years, when I can find the time, rebuilding the car. All the sheet metal has been cut off the front to repair the botched repair job. I am fabricating new front end sheet metal from the remnants of three other cars & some fabricated sections. "