Original Owner: Bill Smythe Onekama, Michigan
Ordered from Rezagghi, San Francisco CA in April 1964.
Delivered to shipping agent in Milan on August 15, 1964.
Delivered on November 18,1964.
Called affectionately called "Luigi"

To quote the letter I have here from Bill:"I helped organize the Alfa Club in SF in 1959-60 and we had many fun expeditions -as president I started having drivers schools at Cotati or some other track and we would bunch along in a groupe absouletely raising all maner of dust on the mountain roads around SF. One thing we really enjoyed with the Veloce's was to lure a Triumph or some unsuspecting "dog" by letting him pass at about 100mph then we would floor six or seven Alfas and each of us would shift into 5th just as we passed him at around 110. It would positively take the heart out of him and we could drop down to 80-90 and he would never bother any of us again."

Dr. Arthur Schultz, Birmingham, Mich.