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In the early fifties, at Alfa Romeo, we realized that Italy and Europe would see a considerable development of the car, and that it would be necessary to add to the series 1900 an even more economical car, so more low displacement while remaining very efficient.

The team appointed by Ovazio Salta Puliga works quickly on the project called "? 750?" Of a 850 kg car, 4 seats, front engine, rear-wheel drive, powered by a modern 4-cylinder engine of almost 1300 cc, while light alloy.

The small Alfa-Romeo which was christened Giulietta was to be declined in three models: Sedan, Coupé and Spider. Muccio Bertone, in charge of the coupé, was the first to present a small masterpiece, whose immediate success posed production problems. The Turin coachbuilder subcontracts to many pharmacies numbers of body parts before proceeding to the final assembly in his own premises of fifteen Sprint coupes per working day.

In 1956 appeared the Sprint Veloce Coupe, especially designed for competition with its 90 horses at 6500 rpm. For the series model that quickly became the object of all the care preparers who drew 100cv per liter of displacement in 1957.

It was built in 3056 copies between 1956 and 1959 of which there is little left. It is one of the cars whose rating continues to climb.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce that we present was born from the color "bianco ambra", it was produced on April 2, 1959 and sold on April 20, 1959 in Bologna, Italy. It is equipped with bucket seats, a roll bar, a beautiful Nardi steering wheel, harnesses, and a 5-speed + MA gearbox.

It displays 17194 km on the odometer. It's a fast-paced car, well-rounded, eligible and ready to compete in a number of historic, road or track competitions.

The offered car is red painted, yellow stripe, it is equipped with buckled seats, rollbar, a very nice Nardi steering wheel, its safety harness and a 5-speed gearbox + R.

The clock shows 17.194 km. It is a lively car, which raves easily, eligible and ready to participate in many competitions, on the road or on circuits.