Vehicle Description
FYI. Glencoe, MO is just outside St. Louis.
1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce (750F)
According to Alfa factory records, this car was manufactured February 11, 1958 and then sold on February 20, 1958 to Hoffman Motor Car Company in New York. Original body color was Red.
Chassis #: AR1495F03441
Original Engine #: 1315 30913
Current Engine #: 1315 31218 (from a slightly later ’58 veloce)

This car is one of 835 Giulietta Spider Veloces produced in 1958. In total, less than 1300 750-series Spider Veloces were produced between 1956 and 1959.

This is a very restorable car. I bought the car as a roller and have been collecting the correct 750 Veloce parts as I find them. My intent has been to restore the car, but I decided I have too many Alfa projects and should let someone else have a shot at this one. The car was last registered in North Carolina in 1986. I suspect most potential bidders already know this, but there are several on-line resources that make restoring these cars much easier. The best is the Alfa Romeo 750/101 group at Yahoo Groups with over 750 members worldwide. (

I have posted over 100 detailed pictures of the car at the following web address: (Ebay please note this is a picture page only).

If you are unsure what the pictures are showing, you can right click on the picture and select “properties”. The name of the picture will tell you what you are looking at. If anything, the pictures make the car look worse than it is. Please feel free to contact me through ebay with specific questions about the car. I will respond with my cell phone # if desired.

Chassis: • The Good: o While the car has a few dings and some Bondo, it does not appear to have ever been hit hard.
o The inner rocker/sill assemblies appear to be very solid. As you can see in the pictures, I cut a section of the outer rocker off the right side. The inner stiffener is very solid underneath.
o The door fit is exceptional, and they close solidly even with one corner of the car jacked up. The bottoms of the doors are in good condition with no signs of rust through. Someone has drilled additional drain holes in the bottom of the driver’s door. This should be easy to repair. Door hinges are tight and move freely. Even the hinge springs which hold the doors open are working!
o The trunk floor is in pretty good shape. You can see in the pictures that someone has installed a battery mount somewhat crudely in the original position. Some repair of the trunk floor will be required, but not replacement.
o The hood is very nice and is original to this chassis as evidenced by the Pininfarina stampings (1424) on the chassis and the hood.
• The Bad:
o While the inner rockers and sills are very solid, the car apparently sat outside with water collected in it. The floors will need to be replaced along with the rear shelf area. All of the necessary parts are available from Wolf Steel (, as well as other suppliers. From Wolf steel, the front and rear floor sections, the upper rear shelf, and the seat brackets would be $600 total.
o The stiffener running side to side behind the floor sections does have some rust. It can be repaired by a good metal worker.
o The lower portion of the trunk lid has significant surface rust with quite a bit of pitting. However, overall it is very straight and can most likely be saved.

Engine: Block: Unfortunately, the original block is not with the car. However, the auction does include an appropriate replacement block from a slightly later ’58 Veloce. It is about 300 units later than the missing block. The block has the correct matching main caps and front cover. The crank is currently at a good Alfa machine shop and will probably only be ground to 010/.010. I will have the machine shop ship it directly to the winning bidder. I do not have the veloce rods or forged pistons, although a set of Normale rods is included. I also do not have any 1300 liners, although these shouldn’t be difficult to find. The veloce sump included in the auction is from a 101 series car. It includes the correct oil pump and pickup tube, as well as a good windage tray. Not many can tell the difference between a 750 and 101 veloce sump! The correct Veloce motor mounts are missing.

Head: A 750 head is included, and is believed to be good. It appears to have had a burned intake valve (#2). A set of NOS intake valves is included in the auction. The thickness of the head measures 4.055” which is the uncut normale thickness. I cannot find any cracks. The head has cams in it which are presumably stock normale cams.

Transmission / Differential: • A correct 4-speed tunnel case transmission is provided. It’s condition is unknown, but it does shift into each gear and turn freely. It includes the shift lever and knob.. Both drive shafts are included. The original veloce 4.10 ratio differential is in the car. The trailing arm mounts on the axle tubes are bent and will need to be straightened and reinforced

Carbs / Intake • 2 very rare Weber DCO3 carbs are provided, although they will need to be thoroughly checked and rebuilt. Some, but not all linkage is included, please see the pictures. The difficult-to-find intake manifold and water manifold are there. Unfortunately, I do not have the intake plenum or firewall mounted air filter assembly. The glass bowl fuel filter is gone. The original copper fuel line and fittings are in good condition. The original veloce electric fuel pump is present, although I assume it will need to be gone through.

Wheels: comes with 4 restorable Fergat steel wheels. They do not appear to have any curb rash at all. Just surface rust. The auction does NOT include the Panasports or Turbinas that are shown in some of the pictures.

Bumpers: all bumpers are provided. The difficult-to-find 750 rear center section has a few dings, but is in overall good condition and should not be difficult to make perfect. It is not at all rusty. The rear side sections are very straight, but are surface rusted on the inside. This is also true of the front bumpers. Most, if not all, of the mounting brackets are present.

Glass / Trim / Interior: • The steering wheel has cracks but is repairable. It does include the horn ring and flasher. The ivory trim on the horn ring has a crack. Reproductions are available.
• The “eyebrows” included in the auction are in decent shape and can be straightened, but they are the stainless version from a later car. The mounting studs are missing. Chromed reproductions are available. The “whiskers” are straight and just need to be rechromed.
• Windshield is good except for a wiper scratch on the passenger side. I’m not sure if it would buff out? All windshield trim is present and in very good condition.
• Door glass is good and the mechanisms work. The window winders are missing.
• Exterior door handles are in good condition, except for one missing mounting stud. Interior door handles are provided. Trim for under the interior handles is missing.
• Headlight buckets and adjusters are on the car, but the rims are missing.
• Tail light housings, trim rings and lenses are provided.
• Hood spear is very nice but has broken mounting studs.
• Rocker trim pieces are straight, but one has had a small hole drilled in it (see pictures). This should not be difficult to repair
• The Veloce tach and speedometer are missing, along with the dash chrome trim. The auction does include a good “tri-gauge”.
• The dash mirror post is in good condition, but the mirror itself is missing.
• The glove box that was in the car when I got it is provided. However it is for a 101 car with a glove box door, not a 750.
• Sorry, no seats!
• The 2-piece door jam trim is in good condition for the passenger side, but is missing for the passenger side.
• 4 complete hubcaps are included, but they aren’t in great shape. Probably better to buy reproductions.
• A complete set of firewall grommets is included.

Top frame: The top frame will need to be restored, but all of the pieces are present and the bows are straight. The pictures may not show all of the shoulder bolts, but they are included in the auction. The front section of the top is rusty on the driver’s side and has been crudely repaired. I have a couple others that I would be happy to trade out if the winning bidder believes they would be easier to repair.

Steering / Suspension: The steering gear and suspension components (except shocks) are all in the car and believed to be good. Of course all ball joints, tie rods etc. will need to be checked carefully as part of the restoration.

Brakes: • Master cylinder and brake plumbing is in the car. Reservoir and a veloce master cylinder heat shield are included as well. Parking brake assembly appears to all be there.
• Rear: drums, adjusters, shoes and springs are there. Wheel cylinders are missing.
• Front: everything is present with exception of shoes and springs. I think I have some extras and will include them if they can be found in my storage.

Gas tank: When I got the car, it had 10 gallons of very old gas in the tank. Being stored full probably saved the tank. It does not leak, but would no doubt benefit from being properly cleaned. The sending unit is in the tank, but I can’t guarantee it works. The tank straps are broken and will need replaced. The hardware for each end is provided.

Electrical: • The car will most likely need a new wiring harness, or at least some sections replaced.
• The ignition switch is still in the dash. The headlight switch is missing. The turn signal switch operates, but appears to have a crack in the plastic mounting plate. These are not difficult to repair.
• The wiper motor and linkage is in the car and in unknown condition. The chrome wiper arms/blades are in nice condition.
• The heater assembly and fan are included and appear in good condition.
• The original Marelli Generator, Starter and Distributor are gone, but the Marelli regulator is there. I can supply a Lucas distributor and starter from a Giulietta Normale if the winning bidder desires.