Previous Owners: Tom Zatloukal-WI

This car is the first of four SSZ (Sprint Speciale Zat) prototypes built by Tom Zat, a world-renowned expert, on an A-R Sprint Speciale Chassis. The Alfa Romeo factory contacted Zat about building a car to win the SCCA National Championship. Zat proposed a racer based on the Bertone-designed Sprint Speciale. With factory blessings and support, Zat began work on this project by building four prototypes of what would later become a dominant and successful racecar line. The first four were built on Alfa Romeo SS chassis, and future SSZs were built on tube frames. Zat campaigned SSZ cars in S.C.C.A., and took home three national championships.

Zat’s first prototype was born from a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale. It has a heavily modified racing suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes, alloy body panels, low-nose bodywork, a locked 5.12 rear end, and a whopping 140hp! It is a matching-numbers car featured on the cover of the Alfa Owner Magazine and numerous other publications. Of four prototypes built by Zat, only two remain, this first prototype and the first tilt front clip car, still owned by Zat. The other two vehicles have been completely destroyed.

It was displayed for a decade in the Alfa Heaven Museum, which holds North America’s largest collection of Alfas. Additionally, it has been traced through all previous owners, and has a well-documented history.