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Vehicle Description
THIS IS A 1956 GIULIETTA SPIDER VELOCE!! HOW RARE IS THAT?? I am reducing my Alfa collection to cars that I can possibly finish in my life time, if I live to 103! This is one of the ones that I will probably never get around to even starting. It is a very tired car, which needs a comprehensive restoration by an expert Alfa person, or shop. There are only a small handful of real 56 Veloces left of the perhaps 50 which were made. Fusi says 18, but doesn't include the 25 lightweights. The big 2 volume book list all the serial #'s, but I don't have it handy. By the way, did I tell you that this car has a MAGNESIUM SUMP!!! At some point it was converted to single carb and normale exhaust, so it doesn't look much like a Veloce, under the hood. As you can see in the photos, I am including most of the hard to find Veloce intake and exhaust parts, to improve the probability that this car will actually get restored to it's original configuration. The engine # is AR1315-30420, which is a real Veloce #, but falls just outside the 56 range. I don't know if this is the original, because the data tags are missing. Perhaps Alfa in Italy can provide the #. I may have an earlier block, if it becomes a real issue with the buyer. There are no seats, although I may be able to provide something close to original seats.{No promise, though!} 95% of the car is complete and I will provide as many parts as I can manage, but again, no promises. There is a convertible top and frame,in the car, but not pictured and a plactic 750 hardtop, if the buyer wants it.{Not very original looking} The underside is fairly rusty and needs expert repair. I have shown photos of the sills, rusting through. There is also a partial fender replacement on the drivers front. I want to make it clear, that this car needs expert body repair. It is a very rare car and deserves a proper restoration. I'm sure that I've forgotten a lot of things to say, so ask any serious questions and I will answer them quickly and honestly! No tire kickers, please! This is a no reserve auction, but I suspect the bidding to go to a reasonably high level. I'm putting a slightly crazy "Buy it Now" just to see what might happen!! See photos for details! Did I mention that this car has a MAGNESIUM SUMP?? By the way, Connecticut was a non-title state when this car was new. My shop is a licensed dealer in Ct. and I will provide you with a proper bill of sale, but that's it!! If you need a title for your state, don't bid on the car! Otherwise, plan to get a title from another state! Thanks for looking!!

________________________________________ On Apr-28-06 at 17:53:32 PDT, seller added the following information: I have researched this car today, by emailing the factory and looking it up in the 2 volume Tabucchi books about production #'s. It appears that even though this car has a 1956 serial #, it wasn't actually produced until April 10, 1957. This explains the 0420 block number. I now feel that the block is original to the car. My #301 car was also produced in 1957 and has a later block #. I also crawled around the car a bit more. It has a 101 splitcase transmission and the tunnel has been modified to fit this trans. I will provide the winning bidder with a correct 750 tunnel case trans, if you wish to switch back. The dashboard switches are not original Alfa. I will try to correct this problem, but the buyer may have to buy the reproduction knobs and a few switches. I don't feel that any of this new information diminishes the value of the car. When restored, this will be one of the most desirable cars from the 50's. By the way, there are over 100 watchers on this auction!