PREVIOUS OWNERS: Lawrence Tarantino-NJ, ROBERT COLE until 8/2015

Description: Chassis No. AR00121381131
Engine No. AR00112*15918
The Sprint Speciale was originally based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The Giulietta Sprint Speciale was a more upscale version of the normal Sprint and featured a smooth, 2-door gran turismo body by Bertone. Aluminum was used for the bodies of the first SS's, but was changed over to steel after 1959. In the efforts to make the SS as light as possible, the wheelbase was made four inches shorter than the Sprint's. Since it was intended for competition use, the SS only had room for two people and a limited amount of storage for luggage. However, this allowed the cabin to be much more spacious than the four-seat Sprint.

Body: The SS is beautifully finished in the famous Alfa Racing Red, which was re-sprayed several years ago, prior to 1997, when the previous owner purchased the car. Minor blemishes are present throughout the paint, such as slight bubbling on the lower portion of the rocker panels. There appears to be no evidence of rust repair. Interior: The leather trimmed mouse hair seats look to be either original or a high quality restoration completed some time ago. The door panels are black leather as is the original dash. The interior cockpit hedliner and sides are original as well. The trunk is very clean, fitted with spare tire, tool kit, and jack. The SS comes with two copies of the original Instruction Book. The original Blaupunkt AM/FM Radio is in place but does not work.

Motor/Drivetrain: Two engines accompany the SS. It currently has a 1570cc engine (AR00112*15918) installed, which recently has had a cylinder head rebuild, including new high performance cams by Supercar Services of Denver (11/10). Also included, is the original Veloce 1570cc 126 HP engine (AR00121*01052), which is complete and assembled. It was removed in the late 90's because the center motor studs were backing out due to worn threads.

The transmission is very strong including the synchromesh second gear, which is often a problem in early Alfa's. The brakes (front disc and rear drum) are in very good condition as well. The tires were purchased 2000 and show very minimal signs of wear or degradation, as the car has been continuously garaged.

• Beautiful example of the sought after Alfa Romeo SS!
• One of only 1,400 examples produced between 1962-66!
• Ideal for Tours and Rallies!

From the Fantasy Junction website:
1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale
s/n AR*381151*, Engine no. AR00121*01052*
Anthracite with Bone Leather

Among the Giulia production series, just 1,366 were the dynamic and highly stylized Sprint Speciale, a spin- off of the radical “BAT series” cars. More developed than the earlier Giuletta model, the Giulia was equipped with a slightly larger 800cc DOHC engine and front disc brakes. All Sprint Speciales are equipped with 5-Speeds, and the desirable twin Weber carburetor setup.
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