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Seller’s Description: This Alfa Romeo Giulia SS, a unique Bertone creation designed by Franco Scaglione, is probably one of the worlds most gorgeous Italian coupes ever made. The car we have on offer, the Giulia 1600 Sprint Special Tipo 101.21, is one of the last series produced. It has the most powerful engine, a 1570cc with front disc brakes. Of the 1366 cars built, only a few were fitted with disc brakes, which makes this car doubly special.
This Alfa Romeo Giulia SS ‘Sprint Special' rolled of the production line on the 8th September 1964 and found its way to an Alfa dealer in Frankfurt on the 14th April 1966. Early in `67 the car was sold to a client in England and was registered there on the 1st July 1967. On the 19th October 1990 the car was sold to a Mr Hippman who exported the car back to Germany. He had had the car for 15 years when he sold to German.
It is quite a nice detail that the complete history of the car is present. Uniquely we have the `67 British registration and the German number plate registrations.
In 2011 the car was extensively restored in Germany. Again this process has photographic documentation. The bodywork is splendid with straight and tight fitting body panels. It has beautiful paintwork. The uncorroded underbody is solid and in perfect condition. After an extended inspection by Classic data this Giulia SS benefits from A/3 classification FIVA ID card and has been given a ‘Gesamtzustand 1' (Concourse condition) certificate.
Naturally she has the correct 112PS (110 bhp) engine. Last year all the chrome parts were re-chromed and the gearbox was completely revised. Again the latter had accompanying invoices. This is certainly a unique Giulia SS with a remarkable provenance.

Price in euro's € 149.500,