This 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F is finished in Skipper Blue over a creme leather interior and comes with a color-matching Pininfarina hardtop. The current owner is a longtime mechanic who worked for a notable Alfa Romeo shop in Michigan and has owned the car for over 40 years. A restoration was performed in the early 1980s, and the car received a number of modifications at the same time utilizing parts from 750 to 105 Series Alfas. Power comes from the matching-numbers twin-cam inline-four, which is paired to a split-case five-speed manual gearbox and has been extensively modified, including an increase in displacement to 1470cc. The chassis features upgraded front and rear springs, adjustable Koni shocks, and four-wheel disc brakes. Approximately 4,500 kilometers (~2,800 miles) have been added since the restoration was completed, and this Spider Veloce is being represented in this sale by a close friend of the current owner. It is offered with an extra set of wheels, spare parts, and a clear Michigan title.

During the restoration, the body was stripped to bare metal and refinished in a non-original Skipper Blue. Since the enclosed rocker panel areas on the original cars were prone to rust, the rocker panels were left open to the air so as not to hold moisture. The rocker areas were reinforced with 2″ steel angle and sections of 1 3/4″ square box steel to reinforce and strengthen the car allowing the replacement rockers to remain open. Per the seller, the car has been on a car lift and does not flex at the doors. The chrome and stainless trim was reconditioned prior to reinstallation, and the seller chose to leave the trunk emblem off, though it is included in the sale. Small imperfections consistent with an older paint job are present, and the trunk latch is currently inoperable. Pictures of the beige soft top can be seen in the gallery below.

Two sets of wheels are included with the sale, the first consisting of five 15” steel Fergat wheels with original Giulietta hubcaps wrapped in older Pirelli rubber. Four TZ-style alloys are also included and have been machined to accept Alfa logo center caps. They wear low-mileage BF Goodrich rubber, and the lug nuts have been chromed.

The seats, door panels, and back curtain have been reupholstered in custom-sewn creme leather.

A Giulia steering wheel has been installed along with a custom push-button starter switch and a radio blanking plate. European-market instruments were also added during the restoration, at which time the odometer was reset. Approximately 4,500 kilometers (~2,800 miles) have been covered since the restoration was completed.

The original twin-cam four has been rebuilt and modified, including an increase in displacement to 1470cc. A set of modified DCOM carburetors have also been added and are adapted to DCOE2 tops. Specifications for the engine are shown below:,br> Lengthened cylinder head studs to accept a later 1300 Junior head
105-Series 1300 Junior cylinder head with 1750 camshafts (9.5mm lift)
Oversize 79mm Mondial pistons, iron oil-control rings, and matching liners
750-Series connecting rods
Nitrided 75mm 1300 Junior crankshaft
Standard 750 Series main bearings
.020″ over connecting rod bearings on Vandervell shells
101 Series oil pump
750 Veloce oil sump with windage tray
Silicone rear main seal and no rear oil slinger
Front cover with standard oil seal and oil slinger
Cigar type rear caps
101 Series front pulley with pointer and timing marks
Later-style 24mm bronze pilot bushing
Bosch JF4 single points distributor
Jet Hot-coated Veloce headers,br> 1600 intake manifold
1600 cold air box with 750 Series Veloce air filter canisters and ducting

Engine stamping #1315-32752 can be seen on the block and matches the VIN-tag shown in the gallery below.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels through a five-speed split-case transmission sourced from a 1750, which was rebuilt with new synchros and a .79:1 fifth gear during the restoration. A 1750 flywheel and diaphragm clutch were also used along with a 1600 bell housing, 105 tooth ring gear, modified input shaft seal, and a conversion throw-out bearing with Z-unit. The rear axle has been changed to a 4.56:1 with components from a Giulia Spider Veloce, and the axle is mounted with a set of larger diameter trailing arms, also sourced from a Giulia.

The car has been converted to four-wheel disc brakes with components from various Alfas, including rebuilt Giulia Veloce Girling front calipers, rebuilt ATE 1750 rear calipers, and a Benaldi brake booster mounted beneath the dash. New brake hoses were installed during the restoration, and the system has been filled DOT5 silicone fluid. The parking brake system is not currently installed, though the original components are included with the sale.

The electric system has been converted from Lucas to Bosch. Adjustable Koni Shocks have been added to the front and rear, along with upgraded springs and later-model cloth/nylon limiting straps. The chassis utilizes the original front suspension with updated front springs and Koni shocks. The original fuel tank and Veloce pump have been retained, and a new exhaust system is included with the sale as shown above.