HISTORY: (as copied from the Tommy Car. com website 7/2017)
Technical data: 100 hp Fuel: Petrol Color: Red Alfa Registration year: 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS (Sprint Speciale) in 1961.

The TOP! Fully compliant Auto. Total of 2007. Perfect Body Restoration. Healthy and original body parts including aluminum parts, underbody original perfect bottom. NO accidents. Perfect and aligned frame.

Original Motor (AR 00120) revised to new, no oil leaks. Gearbox, differential, brakes, electrical system and exhaust in excellent working condition.

Interior redone new, compliant as before. Total professional polishing of paint soon followed; cutting and general control of the mechanics. Approved ASI gold plate.

BRIEF PRESENTATION: In 1957 it was decided to give a version specially prepared to riders and was still involved once Bertone, using estrus and the aeronautical genius of Franco Scaglione, began to outline the future Giulietta Sprint Speciale which went into production in 1959 , with highly evolved aerodynamics and exasperated, he studied also with the direct observation of the flows by means of woolen threads applied on the bodywork of a car launched at high speed on the Turin-Milan. This car was born on short wheelbase (2,250 mm), which in 1959 was also used by the Spider. The SS equipped with front bumper, became a fast tourer class.

Among the important innovations, there were, the transmission 5-speed gearbox standard front brakes and three self retracting strains, able to generate a much greater braking torque than that at the disposal of Sprint Fast. The engine of the SS was boosted (+ 10cv since the last Sprint Veloce) until significant level of 100 hp that brought the speed reached 200 km / h.

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