My Giulia SS is chassis 10121.380593 and engine 00121.00935. It was manufactured 23/4/1964 and sold on to Alfa Romeo in London on 31/7/1964.

I’m told by a previous owner (1984-2008) that it was believed to have been exported to New Zealand for racing in the 1960s. After an accident to the front RH wing and suspension it was returned to the UK / Italy for repairs and then exported to South Africa, again for racing. It was red and LHD in 1964 and in 1980 Blue and RHD. In 1980 mileage was 32,852, which is believed correct given the car’s condition. Now it is just 37,138.

I am currently trying to get more information on the car between 1964 and 1980, when it was re-imported to the UK by a Mr Eric Richardson. I’ve started with enquiries in New Zealand.

Apropos RHD conversion. As you know the SS has a passenger grab handle which is switched from RH side to LH side on conversion. On my car the vinyl was not replaced on the frame leaving a hole, still there today. Brief enquiries of other conversions reveal that the hole in the vinyl is not there (it was done correctly!). If this was Ruddspeed procedure it could be that my car was not done by them, but rather in New Zealand or South Africa. Of course this is conjecture.