HISTORY: (as taken from the Joe Macari Auto sales website)

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale, also known as the Guilia SS, was manufactured between 1959 and 1966.

The first prototype was presented to the public at the Turin Motor Show in 1957 with the production version presented to the press in 1959 on the Monza Race Track. 100 cars minimum were required in order to homologate the car for racing, and while a number were produced with aluminium bodies the majority were constructed from steel. The Tipo 101.21, which is the version we're offering, was presented to the public in 1963 at the Geneva Motor Show and featured a number of upgrades over the Giulietta (with the name Giulia hinting at the slightly more grown-up nature of the car). The car was equipped with a 1,570cc engine from a Giulia Sprint Veloce which allowed the car to reach speeds up to 200km/h. The easiest way to distinguish the Giulietta SS from the Giulia SS is by the dashboard. The Giulia has a leather underside with the glovebox at a different angle than the main fascia. The dashboard of the Giulietta is loping and painted in one colour without a leather underside. 1,400 Guilia Sprint Speciales were produced.

The car we're offering is finished in a gorgeous Silver with a rich Red interior and sits in wonderful, useable condition.

UPDATE: SOUTHBY's Monaco Auction website 4/2018
With a long and storied history of producing some of the world’s best small sports cars, Alfa Romeo is one of the world’s most respected marques. The car offered here, the 1965 Giulia Sprint Speciale, is without question one of the most significant post-war automobiles produced by the legendary Milan firm. Even today, the stunning aerodynamic Space Age bodywork inspired by Bertone’s legendary Berlina Aerodinamic Tecnica, or B.A.T, show cars, is truly unforgettable and makes the Giulia Sprint Speciale a cornerstone of many significant Alfa collections.

Sharing many similarities with the earlier Giulietta SS, the Giulia SS made its debut at the 1963 Geneva Auto Show with a 1,600-cc four-cylinder engine, approximately 25% larger than the Giulietta’s engine and was put into production later that same year. The Giulia was built to show that the original Giulietta SS design had matured into a larger, more powerful sports car well suited for modern highways, especially for the American market which was growing in importance every year.

Produced at the very end of 1964, this Giulia SS is finished in a lovely colour combination of silver over red and presents very well throughout. Believed to be the matching-numbers unit, the correct-type engine has recently been rebuilt; additionally, the desirable five-speed gearbox has also been fully rebuilt (invoices for recent work are on file). With just 1,400 produced, excellent examples of the Giulia SS are hard to come by in today’s market as they rarely change hands. This represents a fine opportunity to obtain a Giulia Sprint Speciale which is fully ready to be enjoyed. It will fit beautifully into any Alfa Romeo or sports car collection.