PREVIOUS OWNERS: Unknown at this time
HISTORY: (as told by Vladamir Pajevic)
The year was 1990. At the new edition of the grueling Carrera Panamericana, the stable door has deployed to reveal three beautiful 1900 TI sedans , prepared and serviced to a very high professional level. The presence of the historical team of the Alfa Romeo Portello Scuderia teaam has attracted attention of many fans gathered in Mexico to attend the event.

An important Mexican collector, owner of a 1900 TI, who participated in the race in 1954, (now well under restoration, but without the engine) took the occasion to invite to dinner at his house present his collection, the president of the Scuderia del Portello Marco Cajani, and the historic test driver from Alfa Romeo Bruno Bonini. This collector tried to make the purchase of the spare engine for his 1900, sent as a replacement with the team for the race. Cajani was not willing to sell the engine, but not to seem rude, he accepted the kind invitation of the Mexican enthusiast.

During the visit of the beautiful collection there was sitting a car between the other cars left for restoration at a better time. Sr. Bonini noticed the familiar shape, now in sorry state, little more than a rusted pile for tin storage, deprived of an engine and mechanical organs. Upon further inspection, it was unmistakably one of first two 750G produced and shipped overseas to participate in the race at Sebring Florida.

The two cars remained with her sister by chance in Italy, that gave the name "Sebring" to the mythical small set of rare G bodies; a dream object of all living Alfista.

It was obvious that the owner did not know the history of the "scrap" lying under the accumulated dust in the dark corner of his garage. Bonini said discreetly to Cajani, the importance of his discovery, and the great expert did not need too much time to make the decision.

With skillful negotiation, the stock engine was swapped for the remains of the honored 750G. The incredulous collector of the "successful negotiations" tried not to express the surprise at such a high interest dedicated to the "carcass" that the owner considered unrecoverable.

Cajani and Bonini, for their part, were looking for a suitable way to carry the battered 750G from Mexico to Italy.

Of the car, only the lighter parts, made of aluminum, were still intact. Everything else that was exposed to decades of bad weather and was seriously compromised. Fortunately, not the firewall plate with the magic number AR1495 * 00045, was still perfectly intact. However, compromises of the sills, cross-sectional view of corrosion had consumed so much that it prevented any movement of the body, without the danger of deformation. The floor boards was practically non-existent ...

The solution that was derived that allowed transport, which consisted of welded cage at the height of the doors, which guaranteed non-deformability of the surviving structure.

The story of the 750G brings us to Milan, and the challenge in recovering the legendary body continues. It takes years to find missing mechanical and body parts for the "American" life of its 750G. To find a correct engine with Weber carburetors (40DC03) are very rare, and with the magic hand of Samuele Baggioli gave soul to the engine.

The restoration down to even the slightest part of the original metal has been saved and recreated, closing the transient place that transformed 750G in racing cars.

The end result was amazing though. The machine appeared identical in every detail (with fuel lid exclusion in aerodynamic shape, added as a personal touch) to the 00045 which set off on the adventure of 12 Hours of Sebring in 1955. The ASI plate on the machine is guaranteeing the absolute conformity and fidelity to the original.

In this way, architect Marco Cajani has confirmed his role as the great enthusiast, who had already saved for the history, many of the cars Alfa Romeo, creating a home of inestimable value.

The beautiful Spider 750G "Sebring", is now presented as the undisputed star in many events, which guarantees the continuity of the Alfa Romeo legend.