Country of Manufacture: Italy Vin #: 1493E3899
Model Type: 2 Door Coupe
Body Designer: Bertone (Franco Scaglione)
Engine: Inline 4 (1290cc). This particular car has an additional high performance engine installed and bored out to 1540cc
Horsepower: 90 (104 SAE) at 6500 rpm. The extra high performance engine delivers 126 hp.
Torque: 90 lb ft at 6500 rpm in standard Veloce tune
Transmission: 4 speed gearbox. This particular has a 5 speed installed in the original gearbox casing.
Suspension: Front-Independent with transverse linkage, coil springs, stabilizing bar, telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers.
Rear-Rigid axle housing with upper triangular thrust rods and lower radius rods, coil springs, telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers.
Brakes: Hydraulic with helical cooling fins, front and rear.
Top Speed: 112-120 mph depending on source.

History: The first of Alfa Romeo’s post war small capacity, affordable cars, the Giulietta emerged first as a coupe due to the fact that 4 door unibody sedan planned to launch the series was not ready, but the mechanicals were. The coupe was an interim effort to placate angry sedan customers and the initial 750 series coupe was essentially a hand built stop gap measure.

Production: While only 1000 coupes were originally planned, the popularity of the model led to 36,149 (including the later similarly bodied 1570 cc Giulia’s) being built over the 11 year 1954-1965 period.
There were 24,084 standard Sprints (80 hp) built in a combination of 750 and 101 series between 1954 and 1962. Sprint Veloce (90 hp) production began in 1957 and ran through 1962 with a total of 3058 being made, again in both 750 and 101 series. Within this 3058 Veloce total are 242 so called “Lightweights” which were made to order for racing in 1956 and 1957 only and featured aluminum doors, hood, trunk lids, bumpers, lighter seats and sliding Perspex side windows. No Veloce’s were produced beyond 1962.
The changeover to the 101 series coincided with the introduction of pressed rather than hand hammered steel bodies, larger headlights, a revised grill treatment and larger taillights. In mid 1962 the 101 series Giulia version (1570 cc and 5 speed gearbox) of the Sprint went into production with a total of 7107 being built 1962-1964. In 1963 the Giulietta Sprint was reintroduced (1900 built) with the same 1300cc engine and 4 speed gearbox as the original and along with the last of the 1570 cc Giulia’s, the later production cars (1964-65) had front disk brakes.