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14.00 1958 Giulietta Sprint Veloce Restoration Project   Chassis # AR1493E*7487* / Engine # AR1315*31123* (1958 SV)

Bought the car years ago, I disassembled it and had it media blasted, and as a result, both defects in the body and the history of the car were exposed . It also disclosed that the car was in a collision affecting the nose and the right fender (the chassis is straight). Most (3/4) of the nose and right fender were subsequently replaced but with work done by an amateur, and now requires removal and replacement of some panels and adjustment to the hood. I did replace the hood with one in better condition than the original. I did apply a coat of primer for protection. Rust is limited to the floor of the battery compartment and the floor of the driver’s side; otherwise it is generally rust free. The gap on the edge of the doors, trunk lid are well fitted and the rest of the body fairly straight.

Over the years I have had some of the chrome re-plated and restored the interior of the car and the wheels. I have re-assembled the majority of all the parts to make sure they were not lost so I could put the car for sale.

A few months ago I sent the chassis/engine number to the Centro Storico in Milan to verify the origin. Their reply was: "The chassis number AR 1493 E 07487 corresponds originally an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce light blue riviera, produced on Nov. 12, 1958 and on Nov. 26, 1958 sold to the Hoffman Motor Car Co., New York, USA. The number you have written does not match the engine original equipment."

When I purchased the car, the engine was already disassembled, and the condition unknown. Recently, I did have the engine inspected by a local machine shop specializing in Alfa Romeo and minor work performed. The engine can be rebuild with no major issues , and have done the following work on the engine: Head: Re-surfaced 101.5mm Crank: Polished, main 0.10 & rod 0.20 Rods: match 4 brand new rods Flywheel: Re-surfaced

The car came with 4 speed transmission (split case), but I am not sure if it is the original type. The brake parts are disassembled and organized in a box with the other extra parts not installed. Everything is stored in the car for single transportation and the petrol tank should be replaced given the condition. Missing: Headers, Marelli generator, air box, and windshield.

Look closely at the pictures and assess the condition and completeness. If you are interested, I have more pictures and I will be glad to take others if you need to see more details.