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Brand: Alfa Romeo
Model: Giullieta Sprint Spéciale
Year: 1961
Color: Red
No. Chassis: AR 10120 00577
No. Engine: AR 00120 01102
Engine: Four - cylinder in - line DOHC
Carburetor: double 2x Weber
Displacement: 1290cc
Power: 100hp at 6000 rpm.
Maximum Speed: 200 km / h.
Acceleration 0-100: 12.3 sec.
Box: 5 speed, manual
brakes: Drum
Weight: 950 kg

It was in 1959 that the Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS saw the light of day, the first prototype Bertone Giulietta SS is dated 1957. A beautiful "Sport Speciale" based on Giulietta technology.

This model was designed and built by the same molds as the Bertone body. The Giulietta SS has a four-cylinder engine of 1290 cc. Which gives you an output power of 100 bhp. The bodywork is a unique structure in steel with parts in aluminum alloy.

The Giulietta / Giulia SS was already an extremely expensive car at the time. In 1964 the car was valued at € 11,000.

It stopped being manufactured in 1966.

FOR RESTORATION . Mechanical 100% ORIGINAL (including motor) and complete.
It is one of only 3 examples of this model of Alfa Romeo existing in Portugal.
It has always been a Portuguese car since the moment of acquisition in Portugal!
Price: 22.500 €

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