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HISTORY: (only what was posted on Fantasy Junctions website):
1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta 750 Veloce Spider
s/n AR1495F*04492*, engine no. AR1315*31394*
White with Red Interior, Black Cloth Top and Tonneau Cover

Alfa Romeo, the Italian giant of automobile manufacturing was not always a prolific producer of great sports cars. Prior to the Giulia and Giulietta, Alfa cars were largely handmade using detailed labor and complex fabrication. All that changed when these two new cars entered the market with relatively low entry costs, securing a highly desirable post WW2 position with the public. The Giulia and Giulietta were small, sporty, and charming, yet finely trimmed, giving an air of sophistication that young men and women appreciated during the post-war boom years. Both cars enjoyed success, with strong sales in Europe and America . Among the most desired of these cars is the Giulietta Veloce. The Veloce featured a twin cam 1300cc in-line four cylinder engine, twin Weber carburetors, higher compression ratio, and spirited cam profiles, resulting in improved overall performance.

This particular car is a genuine Veloce 750F (late 1958 delivery) that started life with delivery to an Arizona-based doctor who owned the car for roughly 20 years. Upon delivery the good doctor is reported to have used it for general driving duties but also as an occasional entrant at local race tracks. The current owner then purchased the well-known Alfa-Romeo “Mondial” kit for the engine, which included new pistons, rings, and liners, increasing the engine to 1400cc displacement. Going further still, he installed front disc brakes and a later series Giulia 5-speed gearbox for more spirited performance. The car was painted in the mid 1970s and the seats were redone at the same time. Thankfully, when the good doctor decided to sell the car in the late 1970’s he sold it with the original gearbox and brakes as spares. The second owner purchased the car and had it transported back east where the car sat as an intended project, largely untouched for another decade. The current owner purchased the car in 1989 and has owned and used it since.

Currently, the car sits with the original engine in place, having been comprehensively rebuilt by expert Italian specialists Epifani Restorations. The long-term enthusiast owner followed in the good doctor’s footsteps rebuilding the engine to the 1400cc specifications, installing a new head,correct type aluminum flywheel, standard crank, and new bearings. The original Veloce headers were installed, as were the original twin sand-cast bodied Weber DCO3 carburetors. The original intake manifold, carbs, and air box unit were all dialed in by Pierce Manifold to ensure proper performance. The fuel tank and fuel pump were rebuilt and fuel lines replaced. At this time, the heater was restored, and correct dash knobs were installed. The finished engine was dyno tested at Hasselgren Racing recording a robust 105hp output. The 5-speed gearbox and front disc brake set up from the original installation in the 1960’s were serviced and remain in the car today. The original aluminum finned rear drum brakes, factory rear end, and suspension are still on the car. The engine is finished off with brand new exhaust and muffler sourced from John Norman, Alfa parts, Ca.

The car presents well given the age of the paint (in excess of 40 years) and general use of the car over the past four decades. The finish has polished out to a presentable level, but it will require a re-spray in the near future if one is interested in more than a driver level car. The overall visual condition of the interior appears period correct. The carpeting has been recently replaced using a proper type with new leather gearshift boot. A very nice set of correct Alfa Romeo black rubber floor mats completes the floor of the interior. A nicely finished tonneau cover has also been recently installed. The seats and door panels (recovered in the 70’s) remain in serviceable condition with the driver’s seat foam replaced to improve comfort while the passenger side seat cushion remains a bit loose. The dashboard is in nice condition with minor chips in the black crinkle finish. All instruments were reconditioned by North Hollywood Speedometer to an excellent level cosmetically and appear to function properly. The doors open and shut without major issues and with solid closure. The side windows roll up and down smoothly. The gapping is uneven on the doors and in some areas around the trunk lid. The hood latches and releases easily, however the trunk latch does not clasp or lock. The wheels have been refinished and present nicely.

The engine compartment is perhaps the best feature of this car, both visually and mechanically. The finishes are proper and indicate only minor use since the extensive engine work performed by Epifani. The crinkle black twin cam cover is nicely finished and contrasts well with the aluminum castings and various satin black accessory parts. The sand-cast Webers are correctly finished and properly presented with original type fittings and hoses. The original radiator is in place with new hoses, including new, correct style large diameter air hoses for the intake system. The undercarriage is solid and dry with evidence of use but in surprisingly good condition give no major work has ever been done underneath. Rear suspension straps are showing some wear. There is no evidence of significant floor or support damage.

The car starts quickly and easily. Slow idle comes on as expected with progressive warm up. Shifting is easily achieved with first gear and nice clutch action to start your 5-speed journey. The car moves along smoothly and wakes up in the higher revs as one might expect. Steering is somewhat loose but within expectations of the times. Suspension on smooth roads is generally good but bumps generate harsher rumbles suggesting the rear suspension might require future attention. Braking is quite good overall, coming off higher speeds with ease with minimal fade toward complete stops. Downshifting is smooth as is clutch action and accelerator pedal “feel”. In all, this Alfa Veloce reminds us of what pure driving fun was all about when first released. The car comes with an original 4 speed, tool kit, jack, instruction and shop manual, and copies of work done over the many years of dedicated ownership.

A fun, drivable Veloce with long-term ownership and exciting period upgrades make this car a wonderful combination for someone who wants a mechanically eager, driver-level car ready to enjoy now and restore as time goes by.