HISTORY: Unknown

(as copied from the Fantasy Junction website)
1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 750 Veloce Spec
s/n AR1495F*06223*, engine no. AR1315*45126*
White with Red Leather

Alfa Romeo, the Italian giant of automobile manufacturing was not always a prolific producer of great sports cars. Prior to the Giulia and Giulietta, Alfa cars were largely handmade using detailed labor and complex fabrication. All that changed when these two new cars entered the market with relatively low entry costs, securing a highly desirable post WW2 position with the public. The Giulia and Giulietta were small, sporty, and charming, yet finely trimmed, giving an air of sophistication that young men and women appreciated during the post-war boom years. Both cars enjoyed success, with strong sales in Europe and America . Among the most desired of these cars is the Giulietta Veloce. The Veloce featured a twin cam 1300cc in-line four cylinder engine, twin Weber carburetors, higher compression ratio, and spirited cam profiles, resulting in improved overall performance.

This particular example has been carefully restored and rebuilt to the most desirable configuration these cars available equipped with new- Veloce specification- featuring twin Weber side draft carburetors, a correct cast aluminum cold air box, and a 5-Speed “split case” transmission. The performance of this car is further enhanced with a 1400cc bore and liner kit, vs. 1300cc as originally delivered, a common upgrade increasing both torque and horsepower.

The restoration works were not just cosmetic, but involved nearly every mechanical aspect of the car. The engine was rebuilt, as was the transmission, and differential. The suspension and braking system were rebuilt, the gauges restored. In short, virtually no aspect of the car was left untouched, and accordingly, the car drives phenomenally well with several hundred sorting miles logged since completion.

Cosmetically, the car is absolutely gorgeous, above and below. The bodywork and paint application have been applied in a rotisserie fashion, and the resulting presentation is outstanding. The excellent body displays consistent gaps and panel match throughout. The chrome and stainless brightwork has been restored, and is beautiful. The windshield was replaced during the restoration, while the side windows remain original. The car sits on correctly restored steel wheels with news tires and stainless hubcaps. The canvas black soft top is new, and unmarked.

The interior is also beautifully and correctly presented with fresh red leather upholstery in the correct pattern, impeccably restored gauges, correct floor mats and carpet, and correct black crackle finished dash top. The steering wheel is correct, and in good condition, which slight hazing to the horn button.

The engine bay sparkles with a fresh, polished presentation. Importantly, the Veloce Spec conversion included the aluminum cold air box and related induction hoses with correct fasteners, route correctly into the front fender well. Other correct items include plug wires, electrical relays, and sundry decals which adorn the various ancillary components. The engine bay on this car is detailed to a show appropriate level.

Similarly, the underside is magnificent, and has been presented free of undercoating to display the level of craftsmanship performed. The suspension, steering, and braking systems have been restored and refinished and demonstrate a genuine visual pop to the all-while background!

Comprehensively restored and rebuilt, this desirable Veloce Specification 750 Series Spider will appeal to the driving enthusiast who wants the enjoyment of a freshly completed car (without the restoration headaches or wait time) for the prestigious pre-1957 road rally events, to admire statically, or to enjoy as a daily summertime driver.