PREVIOUS OWNERS: Hoffman Motor Company (importer) NY. Original first owner(s) unknown, Charles "Chuck" Stoddard, unknown owners until Ed Merhar, Ohio
HISTORY: (as compiled from various sources that will be cited if possible)

#1. (as copied from an on line book "They Started in MGs: Profiles of Sports Car Racers of the 1950s" by Chales Goodwin) "He soon came around to the view that it was extravagant to be racing a car he could be selling, so he sold the blue car (*Giulietta Normale) Then he got a red Veloce. It was a 1956 car with serial number AR 1495 00298- in other words, the 298th Giulietta Spider made. It may have been the earliest Veloce Spider built. "The red Veloce," Soddard says "was a derelict that I got for next to nothing. It was a junker. I was young, I was starting a business, and I didn't have much money."
"Stoddard prepared the car to the limit of the SCCA rules and generously shared this with his competitors in the two articles in Sports Car Magazine in April and May 1961."
"The red Veloce was sold in 1964. 'I sold it after I made the deal for the Alfa GTZ,' says Stoddard. 'I bought the GTZ for $6000 from the factory. After nearly 3 racing seasons, I sold it for $6000 and I thought that was a good deal."
"Stoddards car, the red Veloce, was sold to a string of owners and then Ed Merhar of North Ridgeville, Ohio, bought it in 1983. Ed gave the old car another 13 years of racing, running 43 SCCA Regionals, 25 Nationals and three SCCA runoffs."