As copied from the Giuliettaletta

Owners Don and Mary Fowler in U.S.A.
The car is Giulietta Sprint Veloce Convortevole #AR 1493E06596, Bertone # * 655985* A *. It was originally purchased by a man in Basel who was a mechanic and owned his own garage. He owned and maintained the car for 46 years and was about 80 years old when he sold the car/died. In 46 years he drove the car approximately 90K km. The 2nd owner had the car from 2004-2009 and had the car repainted and replaced the carpet and seat upholstery. The rest of the interior is original as is the boot and bottom. The 3rd owner was an Alfa collector and he had all of the mechanical aspects of the car brought up to proper working order. He was active in Alfa events, both shows and driving events. An added bonus is the Bertone optional wood steering wheel which I have discovered is quite rare. The car had always been in Switzerland. I have been restoring cars for myself for about 55 years and have always loved the Sprint body style but had never owned one having had mostly early 356 Porsches. I looked at a few Sprints over the years but the timing was never right. Recently I decided to try in earnest to find a good drivable car. Little did I know how few there were in the USA and what bad condition most of them seemed to be in and I've about used up my energy for total restorations. I started looking in Europe and found a few cars but they quickly sold and the logistics were a problem so I had about decided to give up. Then this unadvertised car FOUND me. It was far beyond what I had in mind and truthfully I had never even heard of a Convortevole or how rare they are. I was really just looking for a nice Normale but the whole thing took on a life of it's own and now it's in our garage. My Wife Mary and I love the car and we look foreword to driving and enjoying it while preserving and maintaining it as it was originally built. We have really enjoyed meeting Alfa people and love their enthusiasm and friendliness. Finding your great publication with the help of Greig Smith was another bonus. With kind regards, or as I like to say now, KTRU (keep the revs up!)