Purchased in 1982 as original. It was decribed by the PO that the car was "recycling itself into the driveway," so I promised to take it off his hand in echange for an engine rebuild on a Normale.
When I went to pick up the car I took along a battery, some tools, and some gas. It was indeed sitting in his driveway, but on concrete, there was some air in the tires, but the wires in the radials were poking out of one of the sidewalls. which limited my 30 mile drive home to much reduced speeds. Yes, it started right up, with gas and battery, so I took off hoing that he wouldn't change his mind?
I restored the engine in 1983. the engine has not been touched for 19 years. The body was another story.
The car is retained completely original, no mods or extras of any kind, except that I changed the original black to gray, not being capable of doing a high quality pain t job in black.