PREVIOUS OWNERS: First Owner, Unknow, Dan Sommers -Portland, Dave Reich -Portland, Bill Eastman - Portland
Chassis Number: AR E 159437
Tipo Number: 101.06 (Italian Home Market Veloce)
Engine Number: AR 00106*2562*
Body Number: *6520421
Body Color: Original: Lt Blue / Current: Dk Blue
Date of Mfg: xx/xx/196x
Date of Sale: xx/xx/196x

I purchased it in 1998 for $12,500, through Dan Sommers of Portland
I purchased the car from the daughter of the original owner, or at least that is the story I was told. She is probably in her 70s now, and at the time was living in Portland. Interestingly enough, she had lived in Redding, Calif, driving it around there as her daily drive about the time I was going to Shasta College (prior to Chico State in the early 1980s). She had mentioned that her father had lived in Hayfork (Trinity County, of all places!) I don't recall her name at this time, though I may have documents field away...
I sold it to David Reich (Portland, Ore) in 2005 for $14,500
He sold it to Bill Eastman (Portland, Ore) around 2010?
He sold it to a new owner (unknown), who had it fully restored ($100k) around 2014?