HISTORY: as copied from the HourtKamp website for this car

Rare and Beautiful Giulietta Sprint Speciale
Beautifully restored example
Superb color combination
Extremely elegant body
Alfa Romeo’s iconic badge has been placed on some of the prettiest vehicles ever made, such as this 1962 Giulietta Sprint Speciale or SS we have traded in.
The Giulietta is the car that took Alfa Romeo from being a relatively small production company to being an economically viable and successful firm. Prior to that, they had produced large and expensive cars, and never in very large numbers.
With the Giulietta, however, Alfa Romeo produced significant numbers of these charming and capable cars.
Its success was due in part to its unique placement in the market. It was neither a large hugely expensive car, nor was it very small utility car.
Instead, the Giulietta was affordable enough so that many could buy it.
The car came in a variety of trims and body styles, ranging from the standard Berlina (sedan) to the high performance Veloce models, which could be with a Pininfarina, Bertone, or Zagato body. The standard Sprint Bertone coachwork was relatively common, but a small number of Sprint Speciale Bertone bodied cars were made, which drew on the radical styling of the three BAT concept cars that Bertone built on Alfa 1900 chassis from 1953-1955.
The unusually aerodynamic styling was also influenced by the Touring’s 1900-based Disco Volante of 1952.
In all, just 1366 Giulietta Sprint Speciales were built, all to the mechanical specifications of the Veloce, which included higher compression ratio, hotter cams, and twin Weber carburetors.
The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale is a highly individual sport car, designed for a highly individual market.
Almost everything about it is unusual to some degree, including its accommodations, interior and exterior appointments, and especially its body configuration. This makes the Alfa such an amazing and beautiful car.
This example is present in is original brilliant White over a Blue interior.
The car has been extremely nicely restored in the last years and the car is almost nicer from underneath as from the top.
Please take a look at the pictures from underneath which can be found down here on the page so see the very nice quality of this Alfa.
The car makes a great cosmetic impression. The paintwork has been done to a high standard and since the restoration the car has been used scarcely so the condition is very very nice.
Its long nose with beautiful plexiglas strip on top of the bonnet and beautiful short tail lent the Alfa the gorgeous proportions of a much larger grand touring car.
The looks are purposeful and practical, with a simple yet unmistakable beauty. Its tasteful lines were unmatched by other sports cars of its size.
The chrome of the Alfa is also in a very very nice condition throughout.
The body is very straight and the doorfittings are very nice.
The chrome on the bumpers, grille and front deck lid is excellent even as the window trims.
The front window show some typical Giulietta scratches because the wipers cannot handle the big curve. A new window is possible to install but the scratches are too minor to invest money in this issue.
The interior of the Alfa is impressively nice and very nicely restored. Actually the interior is nicer in real then on the pictures.
The original steering wheel is still in a wonderful condition as well and all meters and gauges are in a properly working order.
clean and well detailed. The leather on the seats is very nice and the color is fabulous.
Also the original steering wheel with horn is in a very nice colditon.
All instruments are properly working.
The engine compartment of the Alfa is as the rest of the car very nice restored and clean. It is at show level.
The correct Weber carburetors are fitted on the car.
When the car went on the lift and when we were able to see the Alfa from underneath we were even more impressed about the condition. From underneath the Alfa is absolutely amazing and as it was restored yesterday.
Recently, the Alfa was driven by us, we can confirm that the car performs as good as it looks. It started without hesitation, and the engine pulled the car along with surprising power. The steering was tight and responsive, while the brakes were sufficient for a car of this size. Once the engine warmed up, the Alfa really got going and can be described as a delight to drive.
The Sprint Speciale is one of the most attractive Alfa Romeos of its era. It is a car that is at home on any vintage rally, and it always stands out, even among the most elite of sports-racing cars.
Presented here is an example ready to be driven with enjoyment on any twisting mountain route, open desert road, or lazy country drive.