UPDATE: as posted on BringATrailer November 16, 2016

This 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale 800 was originally sold new in Germany was brought to the US by its previous longterm owner, who owned the car from 1979-2013. The car was restored in the 1980s, including a repaint in its original Bosforo Blue and some rust repair in the floors and lower bodywork. The original 800cc twin cam four is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, both of which were rebuilt in the 1980s. The seller has owned the car for 3 years and it received a major service in July of 2015, showing engine compression between 170PSI and 180PSI on all four cylinders at that time. It is sold with its German Kraftfahrzeugbrief registration booklet which lists the engine number still in the car, along with a clean California title in the seller’s name.

Marco Fazio of Automobilisimo Storico Alfa Romeo confirms the car was manufactured on September 14th, 1964 and sold on July 26th, 1966 to Alfa Romeo Germany in Frankfurt, finished in Bosforo Blue with Camel interior. The car was repainted and restored in the 1980s and was reportedly in storage from 1989-2013. It retains its original trim and lighting, and the prior owner stated that the reflectors on the rear valence are a consequence of being a German-delivered car.

Distinctive Bertone bodywork shows shiny older paintwork and panel gaps appear to be fairly consistent throughout. The restoration involved some rust repair in the lower bodywork. The door weatherstripping has not been fitted. Paint on the rear apron under the rear bumper is probably the roughest on the entire car.

The interior is unrestored and is fine condition for a driver but could be taken to the next level with some work. Camel-colored upholstery is a nice contrast with the Bosforo Blue, and the 800cc Giulia SS (Tipo 101.21) featured a revised dash design from its 1300cc Giulietta SS (Tipo 101.20) predecessor. The outer original carpets for the footwells are included, but show wear consistent with their age. The original heel pad on the transmission tunnel is still present and in good condition. The leather dash-top is in good condition, and the gauges are working apart from the oil temperature gauge.

The original headliner is intact, but shows signs of water intrusion.

While the exterior bodywork repairs were done in metal, some sections of the floors were patched using both metal and fiberglass. The seller has provided photos of the repaired areas. The cabin and trunk floors were coated with rust inhibiting paint, and the trunk was undercoated.

The 1570cc engine is fitted with proper Weber 40 DCOE2 carburetors. When the car came out of storage in 2013 the previous owner rebuilt the front hubs with new bearings, cleaned and prepared the fuel tank, pump and lines, and checked the differential. Maintenance items addressed during the July 2015 service included:
Fluids checked and filled
Rebuilt and set distributor
Fixed ignition connections
Adjusted valve clearances and set timing
Replaced radiator hoses
New front suspension straps and sway bar bushings
New spark plugs
Rebuilt front brake calipers, new front brake hoses and pads
New master cylinder and brake light switch
Brakes bled
New 165/80r15 tires

Original registration and ownership records are shown above and below. The car is titled as a ’66 but given the production date it is more likely a ’65 model year. Overall this is a driver SS that can be used as-is or brought up to a higher standard over time while adding miles.