As taken from the Maserati Lotus Greenville NC website:
1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The first time I saw this car I thought,”What a cool car”. The first time I drove it I thought,”Wow, what an amazing car”.
I had so much fun... driving felt effortless but engaging at the same time. As I was driving around to get some video for the car people were waving and giving me thumbs up. For a moment a felt like I was on vacation, I was having “fun” driving a car. The recently rebuilt DOHC all aluminum engine felt strong... the freshly cleaned dual Weber carburetors sounded throaty and felt crisp. The transmission shifts in a beautiful synchronized symphony. Such a sweetheart of a car...
The top is new and tight. I have to admit that it took me a moment to figure out the top on my own but after a few times doing it will become second nature and you look elegant while doing it. The effort is worth every moment to be able to ride around in an open air convertible. Nothing quite like it.

The Pininfarina design is timeless as it is beautiful. The front and rear overhangs are a very nice proportion. Even with the top up, the car looks very nice. I like the fact that the wheel arches are on the same plane. The external hinges of the trunk and hood are such a cool feature, this car has more character most of the cars I have owned combined. The roominess of the cabin and trunk space really make this a very practical car for a two seater. When you take a look under the hood you will find enough room to work if you are so inclined.

This car is ready to go out and enjoy the sensation of driving on a mountain road or smelling the fresh cut grass as you make your way to your next social function. Just understand that this car attracts people, people want to talk to you as you are filling up the tank. Women tend to chat you up as they really like the car and it tends not to be a pretentious piece of machinery. There are so few things in life that tend to increase in value with age. This happens to be one of those few things...

Please message me for photos of a virtually corrosion free undercarriage