Previous Owners:
Stephan Moret-San Diego
Lewis Collins-San Diego

History of the car: Originally sold in Hollywood CA. Some of the paint, white, appears to be original, but it needs work on some poor body work done to the nose. It is complete and generally free of rust, with new red original material upholstery. Brakes have been rebuilt, transmission and clutch are smooth as silk. Biggest problem has been a miss at idle on cylinder #2. Carburetor rebuild, head rebuild, new rings, new rubber carburetor to manifold connectors, and, finally, a 2nd carburetor rebuild seemed to solve problem, but not completely with still a slight miss at idle and low speed. Doesn't have all the zip I would expect. It currently resides in Oregon where my brother, Dave Rossman, is restoring a 65 Veloce and needs mine to help with reassembly.