PREVIOUS OWNERS: Richard Greene, Springfield MA

This 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce has been with the seller for 44 years and in covered storage since 1985. This example is a largely complete project that is said to have its numbers matching engine and 5-speed transmission. Used regularly by the seller after he acquired it in 1972, the car was placed in storage after 13 years with the intention of receiving a full restoration. There is rust in the rockers and the car currently does not run. Given the low production volume of factory “Veloce” Giulia Spiders, this car is a desirable candidate for restoration. Last registered in the state of New York, the car is sold with a Form 51B as New York does not title cars produced prior to 1972.
Though still wearing its original color, the seller notes the car received paintwork shortly after his purchase when some bodywork was performed as well. The hood is missing its original trim strip and Marchal rally lights have been fitted by the seller, though one of them is not working.
The body is relatively straight and the paint still shows a shine, though there is considerable rust visible along the rocker panels. The odometer shows 75k miles, but the seller believes this is not accurate.
The original top is free of any rips or tears and with a clear rear window, though it fits imperfectly due to shrinkage.
The original black interior appears to be largely complete, but has worn with age and use. Carpet needs to be replaced, the dashpad has ripped, and the driver’s seat upholstery has torn at the seams. Veglia gauges are present and the original radio is still in place, though the Jaeger signal stalk is missing.
The 800cc twin-cam, aluminum inline-four engine #AR00121-01729 with a pair of Weber DCOE side draft carburetors is reportedly original. The seller notes the engine and original five-speed gearbox were working when the car was taken off the road.
The seller has not checked to see if the engine turns freely, and believes pre-oiling should be performed first to avoid any potential damage. The seller maintained the car himself and records are minimal as a result.
Rust in the rocker panels and channels was the reason the car was put into storage in 1985. The seller notes that rust has also developed in a few corners of the trunk and elsewhere, though the floors are good and the suspension attachment points are said to be solid.
Various spares including an additional cylinder head, heavier anti-roll bar, bump stops, and the appropriate Shell Dentax oil for the transmission are also included in the sale.