PREVIOUS OWNERS: Thomas Herdklotz (original owner)

Per a Certificate letter from Marco Fazio of The ALFA ROMEO MUSEO STORICO
Vehicle Serial Number 370009
Engine Serial Number AR 00106*01729* ( Original to this car )
Manufactured …………….. 1st February , 1962
Original Exterior Color …………….. White ( AR 008 )
Original Interior Color ……................ Red
Sold to Alfa Romeo Inc. , Newark , NJ , USA on 28th April 1962
Original car Owner ………. Thomas Herdklotz
The Giulietta Veloce was purchased New from an Alfa Romeo Dealership ….. Midwest Auto Imports Inc. , in Chicago , Illinois .
Original Purchase Date : August 18th , 1962
Herdklotz used the Alfa for seven years and drove it 32,200 + miles until the Fall of 1969.
In Fall of 1969 the car was garaged and stayed in that garage for 20 years until 1989.
. The second owner of the car, purchased the Alfa from Thomas Herdklotz in 1989. He stored the car for another 20+ years, and started an extensive bare metal restoration of the car in 2010. The restoration was completed in late 2013.

As copied from the AlfaBB Sept. 25, 2014:

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Below are pictures of my '62 Giulietta Spider Veloce ( VIN 370009 ) which has been under restoration for five years. The project was a learning experience and a serious test of patience but, we're done now and, it was worth it !

I bought the car from the original owner. He had garaged it in 1969 and didn't touch it again until he sold it to me in 1989. At that time I planned to restore the car but as often happens, I stored it un-touched for another 20 years. Attending the AROC convention in 2008 got my “Alfa juices” flowing again and finally I set out to restore the '62 Veloce in early 2009.

We decided to proceed with a complete dis-assembly , off suspension , bare metal restoration.

In July of 2009 the dis-assembly was started and then the completely stripped body/chassis was shipped to McCabe Automotive Restorations for the miscellaneous body work and re-painting.

The complete restoration and refinishing of the body and chassis, and then re-assembly of the car took over three years to complete.

The car was re-painted in the original color, referencing factory records to have been AR008 White, as confirmed by Marco Fazio of the Museo Storico at the Alfa Romeo Factory Museum. It was decided to replicate the original paint texture as well. To achieve that goal, a single stage Urethane paint manufactured by Glasurit was chosen. All areas of the body received at least five coats of the paint. Some areas of the body received six or seven coats of the Glasurit paint. After the painting was completed and cured, the surfaces were wet sanded and polished to a level matching the original as closely as possible.

The engine and transmission were brought to Besic Motorsports, located in Glenn Ellyn, Illinois, for a complete tear down and re-build. After completely dis-assembling and cleaning the engine and transmission, Mike Besic executed a very tight tolerance, original 1300 cc Factory Specification, high performance rebuild. When completed, Mike sent the drive train assembly to the PHP Racing Laboratory for Dyno-Bench engine testing. The test results show a maximum of 99 H.P. @ 6800 R.P.M.

The original owner used the car for SCCA Racing from 1963 thru 1968. He removed all of the original interiors except for the seats and stored all of it in a large cardboard sleeve. I was given that package along with the original toolkit, the jack and a huge file of paperwork. Included was the factory applied window sticker which was carefully removed and saved by the original owner, the 1962 owners manual in its leather pocketbook, the original service coupon book, the original 1962 Title, the 1962 owner's manual supplement, old race photos, etc., etc. The original "Door Cards" were still covered with clear protective plastic from the factory !

The complete ORIGINAL INTERIOR was re-installed, including the gauges, instruments, tightly woven red wool carpeting, rubber floor mats, door cards, rear view mirror, rear convertible top drape, rubber trunk mat, etc.

The seats required re-upholstering. By researching the material used by the Alfa Factory, the original supplier was located. They still manufacture the product in the same color and texture. The match to the original upholstered panels made researching the source well worth the trouble.

A custom fabricated convertible top was manufactured and installed by “The Werk Shop”, located in Libertyville Illinois. They hand manufactured a replacement convertible top for the car, a very close match to the original top which was used as a pattern.

Other notable aspects included in the restoration are the five original Borrani wheels which were re-finished and mounted with Pirelli Cinturato 15 x 5.5 tires. Bill Gillham provided the "CMR" decals for the wheels. He tells me that the correct decals for 1961 and later Borrani wheels are what you see in the pic.s. There was something to learn at every step of the project. Bill supplied all the other decals as well. The original hubcaps and center inserts were disassembled and restored as well.

Mike Besic just completed a fine tuning of the engine and drive train and adjustments of the braking system etc. The car goes like the proverbial “Bat out of Hell” ! Thanks for all your patient help Mike.

Jim Hand recently completed an extensive final "Fine Cleaning and Detailing" of the entire car, including waxing and polishing for the first time since the re-paint and countless other details.

Thank you to the members of the Alfa B.B. for answers to questions, sources, solutions to problems and much information that helped us complete this project.

Finally, I want to thank Dave Brohan, who has been a tremendous source of information, advice, parts and help with the project from the beginning. Thank you for all the help, good advice and friendship Dave !