Italian title
Chassis n° AR 1495 06301
Engine n° 00106 - 20780

- Genuine Veloce Tipo 750F
- Gamberini prepared engine
- Ready to compete in historic racing
According to the Alfa "bible" by Luigi Fusi, the chassis number of this Giulietta Veloce spider confirms that this is a Tipo 750F, one of the last built on a short chassis ,"paso corto", in 1959.

Veloce version, it participated in the 1963 San Remo Rally.

Complete with its hard top, this car has had various improvements to enable it to be eligible for and competitive in historic racing : the engine, fed by two fuel pumps and two Weber 40 carburettors connected by a special pipe, was prepared by the renowned Italian workshop Gamberini, and produces 122 bhp on the test bed. Other race preparation work included: lightweight windows in perspex with quick-opening system, aluminium pedals, side-exhaust, black vinyl bucket seats with harnesses, six-point roll-cage, Veglia rev counter with red-line at 7,500 rpm, fire extinguisher.

In 2006, in the hands of racing driver Macchia del Sette, this Giulietta won the Italian circuit championship. It participated recently in historical races and it is homologated in class FIA GTS4.

The Alfin brakes have been refurbished and the tires replaced. An alternator was installed and the carburetors were reconditioned. An ideal car for a gentleman-driver wishing to participate in races on track and on road with the most desirable version of the Giuletta.

Estimation 50 000 - 60 000 € - See more at: