PREVIOUS OWNERS: Tom Zatloukal, Aniwa Wisconsin, Joe Benson,
(as copied from the advertisement on Blue Chip Motors webpage 05/11/2016)
SSZ Stradale P2

This is the second of four SSZ prototypes constructed on Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale chassis. This particular car is a 1960 SS #1012000196.

The body was restyled by Tom Zat. Modifications include but are not limited to a one piece tilt front body, radiused and flared wheel wells, SZ style cockpit, widened body tub, perplex window, six inch wide Borranni wheels, lightweight race seats, lowered suspension, 1600 engine with DCOE Weber carburetors.

Built originally for Joe Benson, author of “The Alfa Romeo Buyer’s Guide”, this SSZ has been on display for decades. The body, interior, glass and trim are in very nice condition. The paint has a few small chips, some of the chrome on the window trim is showing its age.

The cosmetic flaws are minor and are outweighed by the fact that the car is in original condition. The paint shines nicely. The car is clean throughout, including the chassis. The mechanicals are also very clean including the suspension and differential. All the fluids were drained before the car went on museum display. The engine does not turn over and the brakes do not work. SSZ P2 is currently in show condition. It is gorgeous top to bottom, inside and out. Stradales have been shown at Pebble Beach, Meadowbrook and Amelia Island.

To make the car roadworthy, the engine should be rebuilt. One of the spark plugs had bad threads when the car was last run (1983). You should also anticipate rebuilding the brakes as the pedal moves but nothing happens. The fuel tank is clean. The transmission shifts and the car steers.

Even though the car suffers from long time static display, the mechanical issues are not problematic as all repair parts are readily available and inexpensive. The important fact is that this car is one of only two remaining examples. It is absolutely stunning from all viewpoints. It has full provenance as the auto has never been sold before. It is historically significant as an SSZ. This is the real thing, not a copy.

The value will only increase with time as there are not many autos with this provenance still available. I am selling the car, hopefully to a good home, for retirement funds.

with regards, Tom Zat