Previous Owners: Michael Long
Lee Stikeleather (interim owner)
Norman Ross
Michael Long of Potomac MD wrote in July 1979 "I am writing in response to the register information printed in the Feb.'70 ALFA OWNER. I have a 1600 Spyder Velloce registered as a '66 ser # 390798 engine #AR0012102278. This car did not appear on the parital list in teh magazine and hopeflly will be a new additon to our register. I bought the car in Feb'79 from teh second owner, I beleive. The car had 53, 148 orig. miles and was not running. It had sat for 1 1/2 years. I cleaned the positive lead to the distributor and fired it up. It has been running fine ever since and now has approx 57,000 miles on it. Except for a fairly new top and tires, the car is completely original and stock including paint (which is faded red, but still shines nicely) The trans and engine are excellent. "

Anyway, for the last seventeen years Giulia Spider Veloce has nestled snugly in my garage. I am the third owner of the car, the original owner having let the car sit many years after a frontal collision. Not wanting to be bothered with the repairs and then the restoration, he sold the car for scrap. I came upon the car in Hemmings when the second owner decided he couldn't repair the car but didn't want to see it crushed.
The car is totally complete and original down to the paint decals in the trunk. It needs 6 inches of the entire front end above the bumpers replaced, the usual rust repaired and the head replaced -- it is cracked.

I bought the car 16 years ago from a guy in Arlington VA. He was going to junk it because it needs a full restoration and the usual rust repair. I paid $750 and as far as I can tell, othe rthan the guy I bought it from (bought the car for parts) I am the second owner. the original owner left the car at a shop to have some collision damage repaired.
The car was parked behind the shop and a drunk who wanted to leave the party early...the little Alfa was no match for a large 60's vintage Mopar. Anyway the cost of the repairs were too high, so the guy just left the car. The shop owner didn't want to be bothered, so he did nothing to the car...including antifreeze. The head cracked and that was the end of the story for quite some time. Then the guy I got the car from , apprently had a similiar Alfa in his shop so he picked this up for parts but then discovered how rare the Veloce's were.