Known History:

Early and very rare lightweight Veloce Tipo 750E with all the correct details (aluminum hoods / doors and attachments, carburetor, seats, wheels, rims, etc.) and of course "matching numbers". This Giulietta was built in June 1956 and is the sister car of Carlo Maria Abate's 750E # 2158 (became the first Giulietta SVZ newly karossiert).

Until the 80s in Italian-owned, this Sprint Veloce was restored from the possession of a renowned and world famous Alfa Romeo experts under its supervision of very high quality and accurate early 90s.

By caring care and maintenance in a Swiss and - since 2006 - in a southern German possession of this rare Giulietta presented today in an exceptional condition with light patina of more than 20 years of careful use in the same time the best maintenance by renowned Swiss and German Alfa Romeo specialists. The result of these efforts is inter alia a first place for the best and most coherent in the overall impression the Italian vehicle AGIP Concours d'Elegance.

The Giulietta has not only a comprehensive documentation on the ASI Gold Plaque, FIVA Card and RIAR is registered. In order for this reliable Alfa with his great driving satisfaction and handling perfect and ideal for active use at rallies like the Mille Miglia, Tour Auto, Ennstal Classic - just to name a few. Or for passive use at prestigious events and Concours d'Elegance.

A world rare, valuable and unique opportunity for the discerning Alfa Romeo collector.