Superb and rare Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce, 1958, one of the last built in the series "SWB". The car was produced and sold April 30, 1958 May 17, 1958

in Modena in White Flour with red interiors.

In 1960 the car was purchased by the second owner and has been ritargata in Bologna with the plates still preserved. The car has lived in Bologna and Verona for a long time, before being stopped in the late 80s. In the 90's it has undergone a complete restoration of the bodywork, interior and mechanics. Specifically, the engine has been totally overhauled, maintaining the criteria of originality but installing the manifold assembly and the exhaust sports, original Abarth, with an immersive sound!

The restoration have been covered a few kilometers (less than 3000). In 2014 the car has now returned to Bologna and were taken in hand the work done in the past, as it performed in a workmanlike manner. paying particular attention to the sheet metal and paint (performed by the methods of the time), the interior - more refined - and the development of the engine, carburetor, gear and braking system. The roof is new, the original preserved were polished chrome, the headlight and tail light are original and preserved, the circles have been repainted in gray Alfa, the tires are new (Pirelli Cinturato). Of all the work carried out there are photos and invoices.

The car is delivered with a certificate of origin Alfa Romeo which shows the correspondence between the engine and chassis; This is the iron plate and the original libretto green pages in 1960 when the car passed to the second owner in Bologna that changed province (originally Modena). We will deliver even extract chronological PRA, a certificate of historicity ASI, some photos of the time - delivered by the former owner - and the original budget of edge (jack, keys, tool kit, operation and maintenance).

We prefer an Italian buyer, with the aim of keeping Italy this wonderful specimen, thus retaining the original plates.

A few notes on the model designed by Pininfarina in bringing small-scale design solutions and proportions of Aurela Lancia B24 Spider, Giulietta Spider Veloce SWB was produced in less than 1000 copies of which about half was for the US market; It differs for the increased power of 90 hp thanks to double Weber carburetors 40 DCO3 and to the exhaust manifold tube instead of melting. Outwardly, the differences from the normal are instruments (tachometer and speedometer in 8000 to 220 km / h) an increased air intake and a different oil pan.


This is an awesome and quite hard to find in 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce, one of the last built with the "short wheelbase" chassis. The car Had Been produced the 30th April 1958 and sold the 17th May 1958 in Modena, in its color combinations White Flour over red interior.

In 1960 the car Had Been bought by the second owner from Bologna, where the car received the current license plates. The car Remained between Bologna and Verona until the last 80's, When It Had Been totally restored (interior, exterior, mechanical).

Particular in the engine, Had Been rebuilt with care - and with the motorsport experience of the mechanic - who installed Abarth hoses and exhaust, to improve performance and the sound! Since then, the car ran for less than 3000 kms. Now it is back in Bologna where we refreshed all the previous works, taking care of all the details: as the body and the painting (resprayed with ancient standards), interiors - completely refined - in general setup of engine, carburetors, gearbox and braking system. The soft-top is new, all the original Had Been polished chromed parts, front and rear lights are original, wheels Had Been resprayed in its color, gray Alfa, and we mounted new tires, Pirelli Cinturato. We have photos and invoices of the works done.
We have some photos of the car in its first years, given by the first owner from Bologna: soon we will upload blackberries and detailed photos.

The car comes with its Alfa Romeo certified, its original green "book" with license plates, chronological historic document, old photographs of the car and the equipment (spare wheel, jack, toolbag, double keys and user's guide).

Some tips about the model: designed by Pininfarina who Carried over the styling solution of the prestigious Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider, the Giulietta Spider Veloce SWB was produced in less than 1000 samples; half of the production was exported in the USA. Mechanically it differs from the normal version by the twin 40 DCO3 weber carbs and exhaust hoses and tube: the power of the Fast is 90 HP. Other differences are the odometer (up to 8000 rpm) and speedometer (up to 220 km / h), a larger air intake and a different oil pan