HISTORY: unknown

A great opportunity to own an investment quality Giulietta Sprint Speciale built to your own specification. The original shell of this matching numbers car has already had all of the corrective metalwork carried out to outstanding standards by Alfa Romeo experts Classic Alfa. Having purchased this car complete we are due to commence a fully detailed restoration to show standards. Work will commence at the beginning of November and until this time, you can specify your choice of exterior and interior colours including materials (vinyl, cloth or leather). All Mechanicals suspension, steering and brakes will be returned to an as new standard.

Original details of this car are as follows -

According to Alfa Romeo Automobilisimo Storico, chassis numbe AR 177258 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale (101.20), engine series AR 00120, manufactured on the 15th December 1961 and sold on the 29th January 1962 to Regie Nationale Usines, Billancourt, France. The body colour is gardenia white.

In readiness for restoration the bodyshell has been stripped and blasted to bare metal then fully protected. As a result of this we are confident that these body restoration techniques will ensure that the car can be used as everyday transport in all weathers.

With all of the time consuming metal work completed, this is a great opportunity to have a car built exactly how you want it and potentially completed and ready for the end of spring 2016.

The Sprint Speciale is a wonderful car to own so if you are considering purchasing one why consider alternative cars that have shiny paintwork and potentially poor structure and mechanicals, when you can have a show quality car built to your own specifications for you?

For further information please contact Kevin Rawson.