24/07/1965: registration: No: 438 BG 05. Purchased by Mr. DONNIER, lawyer in Briançon.
M.Donnier, very athletic (he climbed cyclist cycling the Col du Galibier), uses his car gentleman driver. He is carefully maintained by the Alfa-Romeo garage Gap, "Alpes Sports Cars", whose owner, Mr. Ducrot, communicated to me the following in November 2002: In 1970, eager to improve the performance of its Giulia SS, M.Donnier goes to Settimo Milanese, near Milan, to rebuild and prepare the engine by Auto-Delta, the racing department of Alfa-Romeo: trees with special camshafts, special pistons, balanced crankshaft, lightened flywheel; the engine test bench, develops 149 hp at 7500t / min. Thus prepared, according to Mr Ducrot, the vehicle driven by M.Donnier at its maximum on the roads of the Alps, has some problems: Very recessed below 3500 t / min., It is found that between 4500 and 7500 rev / min. The clutch must be redone frequently and the cylinder head gasket is repeatedly changed. The adoption of a specific joint, later, will solve this weakness. Old, M.Donnier buys Alfa-Romeo Montreal. He sells his SS hardly ever uses it. The car then totals about 115,000 km.

10/02/1977: Second registration: No: 03 9996 HQ.
Purchased by Mr. ANDRIEU, Alfa-Romeo dealership in Montlucon. Mr Andrieu collects exception of its brand vehicles. He briefly repeated the low wing and repainted the current Giulia SS 1977 with very little roll. (The Technical Control 25/11/1998 displayed: 122 769 Km.) In 2000, having retired, Mr Andrieu resells most of his collection, which this car which then totaled 122,771 km.

13/04/2000: Third registration: No: (private information) Purchased by Mr. QUINIOU.

After returning on board Montlucon in Quimper, the Giulia SS was completely revised in mechanics in Quimper by a former mechanic Alfa-Romeo. Inside, leather option in a very good original condition, is simply cleaned. All the hollow bodies are processed. The car found life, participating in several events of classic cars, rolls again frequently on the roads of Britain and France and "takes" still often 7500 rev / min.
In 2002, questioning the surprising performance of the car, M.Quiniou decides to investigate the origin and undertakes a long telephone survey that will lead to more lawyers from Briançon, then to the President of the Bar of Briançon, Me . Rostain, leading to the daughter of M Donnier residing in Gap. Françoise Donnier, contacted willingly talk to her about her father, the Giulia SS she appreciated much (much, she says, the Montreal.) And tell him that the Alps Garage Auto Sports, former Alfa dealer - Romeo Gap, kept all the cars from his father and could better it, talk to her vehicle.
Contacted the garage, its owner, Mr. Ducrot, remembered well this very special Giulia SS and its sport lovers customer of his car. He wanted to say everything he knew to M.Quiniou.
04 and 05/2010: restoration of low sills and wing, .Démontage complete painting, cleaning upholstery and carpets .Changement the windshield, all seals and roof lining .All preserving it best deliciously nostalgic charm given this pretty cut by the so particular personalities of its previous owners.
, 01 and 02 2014: engine repair and box: dismantling confirm the quality of the preparation made by Auto Delta; Giglio Racing in Toulon, restore the mechanics alike.