Previous Owners: Barbara Duffy, Massachusetts
History:This car was manufactured on September 1, 1965 (Same day as John Borella's #390904), originally Dark Blue(AR312) with beige interior(s) from the factory (verified by Alfa/Ruocco) and was sold to Alfa Romeo Frankfurt on November 17, 1965.
I acquired the car in December of 2000 from an estate. I had heard unofficially that the car spent some of it's life on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and now resides in Hingham, Massachusetts, near the Cape.
The previous owner had started preparing the car for vintage racing and had installed a roll bar and completely stripped the car of all mechanicals and electricals, except for the suspension. I acquired it as a rolling shell and am restoring it to a street car. It has become the adopted "twin" of my original '65 Spider Veloce which bought in 1970, #390719.

UPDATED: MAY 2022 with information from the new owner.

Indeed I do have one of Tom Lesko's '65 Veloces. I bought serial number 390834 last spring and it is presently undergoing restoration to factory-correct specifications. Engine number (reputed to be original to the car) is 121*02034.

Earliest known history is from the early 1970s when the car belonged to Chuck Ellis who ran Ellis Imports in Massachusetts. I have a photo of the car from when Chuck ran it in slaloms and such. Tom Lesko (who I bought the car from) got the car 21 years ago from the estate of a previous owner in Massachusetts who was in the process of turning it into a race car with a 1750 engine and red paint. When I got it from Tom in 2021, I took the original motor which Chuck Ellis had removed sometime during his ownership and stored -- so that the man who owned it just before Tom never actually had that engine when he bought it. Chassis and Engine were reunited only because Chuck discovered that Tom (who is well known in Massachusetts Alfa Romeo community) had his old car and informed Tom that he, Chuck, still had the original motor at his shop. Tom purchased the engine and reunited it with the car.

The car was red when I got it from Tom (as well as when Tom got it from the estate of the previous owner). I am returning it to the original Blu Medio color as indicated from a letter from Alfa Romeo Storico and erasing every change made in the pursuit of racing success -- mostly widened fenders and the installation of a roll bar. The car has never been crashed and is very straight. I anticipate that the restoration will be completed in 2023.

According to a letter from Elvira Ruocco to Tom Lesko dated October 27, 2000, my car was "manufactured on the 1st September 1965 and sold on the 17th November 1965 to Alfa Romeo from Frankfurt."

What I know of ownership history -- although there may be gaps...
Frank Anigbo: 4/20/2021 to present
Thomas Lesko: 9/18/2001 to 4/20/2021
Barbara Duffy: ? to 9/18/2001
Chuck Ellis: ? to ? (owned car as far back as very early '70s)
All known owners live in Massachusetts and are familiar with Chuck Ellis who owned a repair shop (Ellis Imports) that worked on Alfa Romeos. My guess is that this car has not left Massachusetts since Chuck Ellis had it.

The photo of the blue car was taken in the early’70s and was at a sporting outing with Chuck Ellis. Note the excuse for a windshield and the crudely extended fenders.

The car had been painted red by the time Tom got it in 2001, most likely by the husband of Barbara Duffy who was in the process of preparing it for racing. It was stripped and newly painted and had a 1750 engine. The man had passed away before he completed the car and it was sold to Tom by his widow.

When I got it 20 years later (2021), Tom hadn’t done anything with it but had subsequently received the original engine from Chuck Ellis which is pictured on an engine stand. Chuck had found out Tom owned his old car and offered Tom the original 1600 motor which he had swapped out for the 1750 motor. Tom kept the rebuilt 1750 engine and I took the original that needs rebuilding. I also received just about everything that had been removed from the car, including the original glove box door still in the factory blue.

I have also included a photo of the car from last month. The body has been stripped to bare metal and the fenders taken back to factory correct profile. I expect painting to the original blue to be completed in a month or two.