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(as copied from BringATrailer 6/20/2015) This 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce race car is a genuine factory Veloce model manufactured in August 1960. The car was purchased new in Tennessee by an SCCA racer who sold it to one of his pit crew in 1965. That owner, Michael Jamison, raced it in SCCA F and G Production until 1976, at which point it was put into storage. The seller is the third owner who purchased the car from Jamison in 1993 and restored it as a vintage racer. He has gone on to campaign it in 35 race weekends starting in 1999, including the Lime Rock and Watkins Glens historic races. Powered by a race-prepped 1435cc Alfa 105 series engine with twin Weber DOCE 45mm carburetors, it has a rust-free body and is described as a competitive vintage race car that is easy to drive.

Chassis number AR1495 (F) *11302* is verified by Marco Fazio of Alfa Storica as a 1960 Veloce model originally finished in black, and the chassis number is also listed on page 439 of the Tabucchi book, Alfa Romeo from 1910 to 2010. Above is a shot of the car at Watkins Glen in the 1970s with Jamison behind the wheel – note the original black color.

The car was painted silver with burgundy trim in 1998 and had some badly done front fender flares corrected at that time. There are minor paint chips and dings from the car’s track use, but the body still looks straight.

The roll bar was reworked in 2006 and the car has a custom tonneau cover. The windscreen pictured is plexiglass, however the seller does have a windshield frame, rubber and a scratched windshield to include. The seller also has some other spares available.

The spartan interior still retains original Giulietta compenents including dash, gauges, door panels, and passenger seat. The driver’s seat is a vinyl-covered custom aluminum racing bucket with five-point G-Force belts. Gauges are a mixture of the working (tach, oil temp, oil pressure) and non-working (water temp, fuel, speedo). The car has no wipers, heater/defroster, side windows or top. Transmission is a stock 101 1600 5-speed with updated second gear and synchros. Note the Veloce-specific 8000 rpm tach

The original 106 Veloce engine was traded for the current 105 series motor in 2006. The engine got a new crankshaft in 2007 and new rod and main bearings. It has weight-balanced 1300 connecting rods, 78mm pistons and mild race cams. Displacement has been bored out to 1435cc and the car runs twin Weber DOCE 45mm carbs on a GTA intake. This is a 101-series Giulietta that retains its rare Veloce oil pan, and we like the black crinkle finish valve cover.

The chassis is basically stock but does have 1 ½-inch lower, stiffer springs, Bilstein gas shocks and a 1-inch sway bar in front. Wheel bearings and wheel cylinders were replaced in 1998. Wheels are stock Giulietta steel units shod with Dunlop bias-ply, hard-compound racing tires. In the seller’s words, it’s a car that “does not require much fiddling during a race weekend” if it isn’t pushed too hard. The car sounds good through a straight-pipe exhaust and was licensed for the street until last year.

Words from the current owner as taken from BringATrailer website when the car was being auctioned 6/2015: Jun 24 at 7:20 AM smilinsam23 (The Seller) brigadooner: Big thanks for these kind words. Les, my friend and rocket scientist pit crewman mostly only ever had to check the tire pressures, water in the water place oil in the oil place and check and tighten the wheel lugs between each practice and race session from Summit Point to Lime Rock to VIR to Watkins Glen to Road America. I am/was not a fast guy — I used 7000 to 7200 as max revs and was easy with the shifts… I was out there simply to have fun. “Luigi” delivered “bucket list” fun nearly every time. Even when “he” holed the motor at Watkins Glen in 2005, it was a “Life moment” when so many friends pitched in to install a motor that a Lotus formula junior guy had in his trailer there at there track (turned out to be a sleaved down 750 H- Modifeid motor !). “Luigi” made an old guy, me look good out there. I hope whoever ends up with “Luigi” has fun with him as I had — many miles on the track and or tree lined specials roads.
Jun 22 at 12:25 PM smilinsam23 (The Seller) brigadooner: Luigi had vintage car plates until I decided to sell him on. He has a valid unencumbered Maryland title in my name only. The original motor was traded for the motor that is in the car now. I recently tried to track the 101/106 Veloce motor done with the folks that built the motor that is in the car. That firm has “changed”/reorganized. I was told the motor I gave them — which did have a spun main bearing was scraped. Effort could be put toward going to the local of that shop and determining where the scrap yard is and seeing if the 106 series motor is in a pile waiting to be rescued. ORacer: it is a welded spider gear set up. The 5.12 rear end has had no work done to it save for changing the 90/140 hypoid gear oil several times since I owned this car (from 1993). And new axle bearing were installed in 1998. The rear makes some noise but it was only excessive when using the Hooshier race tires. The car is harder to push right or left with the welded rear
Jun 22 at 7:00 AM
smilinsam23 (The Seller)
Thank you v-4 Elaborata.
cwood13 – I received two SCCA log books with the car in 1993. One was Jamison’s and one was for a friend of his using black #54 to go through a drivers school and a couple regionals if memory serves me. I lost those log book and my “car stuff” brief case coming home from a car show in Florida in 1993. I received a large envelope with receipts for work and parts done on this car for Jamison and his friends. Those go with the car. Mine I need to hang onto for the IRS.
Jun 21 at 4:45 PM smilinsam23 (The Seller)
ORacer: Spare parts: (“Luigi” is up north of Baltimore at “my guys” shop — the parts listed below are at my house in Waldorf, MD – two hours away from the car – the buyer will have to come get them – There are some Alfa parts at my house previously promised to others)
There is a Bosch look a like Centerline distributor from about 2003
Giulietta 4.55 rear end complete – drum to drum
Giulietta four speed trany less the bell housing
one door right I think
trunk lid
ZF steering box with “the spear” shaft
parts from blown engine
old cams (?)
starter and generator(s)
right and left front suspension with two shoe brakes
miscellaneous front and rear drums
set on Duetto 4 1/2J X 15 wheels with tired Hooshiers (I did not like them)
one or two useable Dunlop 500 L (204 comp) X 15 tires
That what I remember. I will add anything else I think of
Hi All, Excuse me while I swipe some tears away. Thank you Barb. “fiatman71″, yes that probably is coolant… it weeps out of the freeze plugs. and has since this motor was installed in “Luigi” in 2006 by the folks at Krause and England/Apex in Raleigh, NC. This is not the first Alfa head that had sealing issues with these freeze plugs. I’m told the “fix” is worse then the problem. And thanks Dovi