HISTORY: FOR THE FIRST TIME OFFERED 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Alleggerita by Bertone

For sale is a trully Italian legend, Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce 1956, (lightweight) Mille Miglia edition.
Offered at: 234,000 USD$ Auction Starting point no reserve.

An authentic Sprint Veloce model and a true italian icon from the 50´s. lighter in weigth by using aluminum panels and Plexiglas side and rear windows, and by stripping the cabin of the car. This car was styled at Bertone, removing of sound deadening materials and no rear seat, lightweight bucket seats, and aluminum doors and an aluminum hood. This car successfully completed two Mille Miglia races and also performed faultlessly during other European tours.
Also, this Alfa enjoyed success in events such at the Liegi Rome Race as well. This limited production Veloce model features factory engine modifications, twin Weber carburetors in place of the standard trims’ single Solex units, and they could rev to 8,000rpm. With virtually no external cues giving away the added power, it offers tremendous fun. By using Plexiglas rear and side windows and aluminum alloy doors, hood, and trunk lid the vehicle was able to shed weight, ultimately improving performance. Its “Libretto” from 1964 tracks the chain of owners till today, and from that we know that it came into the collection of its current owner in 2015, and that it still bears its registration plates of Mantova, Italy. Today, the car is equipped with engine No. AR1315 * 59056 with two Weber carburetors 40 DCO3.
Mille Miglia eligible(participated twice), as well as the very best events world-wide. Great to drive, this Sprint Veloce is among the very first ones built, a car that reflects the enthusiasm and the character of Alfa Romeo sports cars.This is indeed an opportunity that does not present itself often.

This is an unrestored well preserved unit, about 7 years ago it was re-painted and the leather upholstery re-done using original color material.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): AR 1493E02249
Year: 1956
FIVA identity card No: 029957
Mille Miglia eligible
Included: Original Drivers Handbook 1966
Sub Model: Sprint Veloce
Body Type: Zagato bodied
Chassis frame no: 0229
Appx Odometer reading: 02238
Tag: MN 8 5106
Number of Cylinders: 4, 1290 cm 3
Diameter (mm): 92,07x106 (1690)
Length / height (mm): 4,446/1,220
POWER: 90 HP 5,400 rpm
Transmission: Universal joint (Cardan) - back tires, 4 speeds
Engine: period Hi Performance 4 cyl DOHC Alfa Romeo
Engine: x 1290 cm3
Wheels: 4
Vehicle Title: Clear
Seats: 2
Exterior Color: Red
Windows: Plexiglas rear and side windows
Body: aluminum alloy doors, hood, and trunk lid
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Deposit: 63.5 liters
Interior Color: grey
Radio: Not applicable for this automobile
Warranty: Vehicle does not have an existing warranty

No apparent rust. Red color which still shines, not perfect but it passes the test.
Both doors close and shut smoothly, no sagging or falling out of place, everything works like it should.
Original panels and floor pans, no accident car, all lines match in the body

For Sale By: Bernardo Abello on Behalf of M Villa (I am selling this car for my brother in law whom lives in Italy)
I can arrange shipping to anywhere in the world.
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I can arrange shipping to anywhere in the world.and will be arranged at both seller and buyers discretion
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Item location:
Milan, Italy

M Villa/Bernardo Abello

Description, item specifics: Condition: Highly original, maintained and unrestored, superb condition, kept in garage in a humidity controlled environment.

A dramatically altered post-war Italy called for an entirely different kind of sporting car. Alfa Romeo, one of the country’s crown jewels, was quick to oblige with its revolutionary Giulietta, which was unlike any vehicle “Il Biscione” had offered before. The Giulietta debuted at the Turin Salon in 1954 and was thoroughly modern in every way, but it still embodied Alfa Romeo’s racing heritage. To emphasise that latter point, Alfa Romeo debuted the shapely Giulietta Sprint two-door coupé first, before following it up with the still stylish but more pedestrian four-door berlina. The Sprint was penned by Bertone’s Franco Scaglione, and it was remarkably balanced in its aerodynamic design. It was curvaceous without being flamboyant, and it was restrained and graceful.

Slotted under its front-hinged bonnet was Alfa Romeo’s new 1.3-litre, twin-cam four-cylinder. With an aluminium alloy block and a hemispherical cylinder head, the sophisticated motor was so advanced at its debut that its basic design was produced for more than four decades. The mill was fitted with twin Weber carburettors in Sprint Veloce configuration, and it saw a marked increase in power over to 90 horsepower specified for the more workaday four-door berlinas.

With its high-revving nature, the twin-cam motor was a natural fit for competition. Alfa Romeo was prompted by demand from more enthusiastic drivers who had the Mille Miglia and Targa Florio on their minds to offer a limited run Alleggerita, or lightweight, variant that used alloy for the doors, bonnet, and boot lids, as well as sliding side windows to make the most of the available power. The Sprint Veloce Alleggerita was clearly intended for performance over luxury, as it also lacked sound deadening and its rear seat was removed in favour of a simple shelf.

Mechanical modifications included the use of magnesium for the oil pan and intake manifold, as well as a special tachometer to denote their 6,600 rpm redline. A larger 21-gallon fuel tank for long-distance racing was also fitted, which necessitated some modifications to the car’s handbrake cable mechanism. Whilst each of the largely hand-built Alleggerita models was slightly different from the next, they were all designed to maximise the relationship between power and weight. The Alleggerita was notably more responsive and sharp to drive than the standard Giulietta Sprint Veloce, or Normale, and it immediately proved itself to be a serious contender on closed courses.

It is believed that fewer than 600 lightweight examples were assembled (LESS THAN 100 IN EXISTANCE), one of which was delivered to Alfa Romeo’ Mantova dealership, where it was first registered in Italy.