HISTORY: I have owned this Alfa for about 30 years, was a racer when I brought it back in the eighties.The previous owner had the Alfa for a number of years, never got the Alfa to the track,.... his wife made him sell it, he said it was a racer when he brought it, now we are back in the seventies time period. I started to race the Alfa in the very early nineties. I am looking into another car now, want to sell this one before hand.That is my short story. I have parts, and can help locate some to take this Alfa to any menu that a new owner chooses. Could go SCCA or equal, a vintage group, or back to a street car. Looking at OFFERS and what parts would be wanted in that offer. I have a legal Ohio title in my name, I once plated this Alfa for the street use, we all know how that went! I would say this .... I do not have the DC03 carbs. for this Alfa.