PREVIOUS OWNERS: Edgar Ben Soussan - Paris
Giulia Spyder veloce, chassis 308 and engine 1919, have owned it since 1989! bought it from Edgar Ben Soussan in Paris, at that time classic car dealer, Bugatti importer and Aston Martin importer as well [met the late Victor Gaunlett there..] who had it for at least another 10-15 years having imported it from the states... Today the car i have for the longest period,,since i sold my E Type bought in 1990... After 2 full restoration, the second one to concours standard and original Giallo Paglierino and 2 engine rebuilt [never again will do a top end job alone,,oil was dripping on the bottom end!] car is immaculate,,,just need to be driven more,,which is tough as today of course it is competing against interesting other cars,,,but will remain for ever the first open car i bought and one i drove thousand kilometers around during 15 years. credit Peter Singof for the Stuttgart picture.

Second restoration pictures, from mid 2011 to mid 2012. there is still room for improvement in the details , including engine/hood stickers, hoses etc and i have been following the different threads with interest .