HISTORY: FFVE certificate
846A Clearance Certificate
Chassis # AR 101.20.00605
Engine No. AR 00120-01161

- Timeless design
- Rare original condition
- Beautiful design, mechanically efficient
- No reserve

Unveiled in 1954, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta marked a revolution in the history of the Milanese company, specialist in the production of high-end sports cars. The Bertone design was attractive and mechanicals were very modern, ensuring the success of this model. Inspired by the iconic BAT prototypes, Bertone was entrusted to the design of this new exclusive series, the Giulietta Sprint Speciale, launched in 1959.

This Giulietta SS, powered by the 1.3-liter unit, left the factory on 18 May 1961, and was sold in Messina, Italy on 27 May of the same year. It features a very elegant color combination, grey exterior and red leather interior that corresponds to its original configuration. Some cracks can be seen in the leather - mainly on the driver's seat - but this is justified by the fact that the car has belonged for a long time to a Swiss collector who wanted to keep it in its original state. The car comes with its original tools.

It comes with a FFVE certificate (French Federation of Historic Vehicles) and the French customs clearance certificate 846 A.

This car is an attractive opportunity to acquire a rare Giulietta Sprint Speciale preserved in its original condition.