Previous Owners:
Johannas Hywler (AutoDino) in San Francisco.

I am currently in the process of rebuilding it. The motor is original. The car itself has had a very hard life. The only bit on the car that has not been run over by a truck is the glove box door. It seems that almost every bit has been molested in some way. There has been many a moment when I have almost given up.
Johnanas purchased the car about 12 years ago and kept it in his garage, the thought of restoring it. The car looked OK.....but.... it need to be put together. It had been painted re-sale red, the engine and all of the running gear were in it but all of trim bits and the seats were in boxes (headlights etc.)
After a closer inspection I realized that the entire car was made up of plastic filler and fiberglas. Some places up to 2" thick. I took out enough filler to fill up a 5 gallon bucket + not to mention what went into my lungs and eyes.

As of today I have replaced the floors, right front fender, left rear, two new doors, lots of patch panels not to mention the sills.

In regards to a history all I know is the car lived in the Oakland hills under a tree..didn't run for years. At the time it was dark blue. The car came black from the factory.

My plans are to paint it dark blue (again) and drive it. I have been vintage racing for the past 15 years and hope to continue with the Alfa. Not a flat out race car but drive it to events and (back).