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This car has been owned by a family friend for the last 35+ years. I believe that once the car was purchased new, it was immediately turned into a race car. He was a tinkerer and over the years had the car apart like this multiple times. About 15-20 years ago though, it was taken apart and never put back together. It sat inside a garage for that time, but then has sat out in a field for the last 4 years. Once I saw the car, I just needed to get it out of the **** field to try and save this little guy.

My issue now is that I really don't have the liquidity to take on a full restoration like this. I'm a mechanic by trade and I'm a certified welder + fabricator in all types of welding, but I've never welded on a car like this before. Fortunately, the car comes with most all of her parts. The big thing that is missing are bumpers, and I believe the carbs. I still have to pick up the motor and trans plus some other misc items so I'm not quite sure what I will find with them.

My biggest question is, what would be a typical cost to have the car sent out and have the underside of the car replaced? I have seen worse that have been repaired, but unfortunately this one is still pretty bad in certain spots.

Ideally, I want to bring this car back. Not to a concours level, but to a extremely drivable street / track car. Then after some time like that, maybe then take the car to the next level of restoration. My biggest thing is just getting the car running and driving and for it to be safe. I have all sorts of engines laying around, including a euro 2.0 thats ready to go. Again I'm really not worried about the mechanical or cosmetics, just the structural integrity and safety.

Being that this car is a genuine veloce, it ultimately needs to be put back to it's originality, so I don't want to do anything that cannot be undone. This is kind of what worries me about the rust repair. If I send it out to a local shop, they will probably give me a structurally sound chassis back, but will it be done right? My guess is the cost of this is at least half of what a higher end shop would be.

Now again I am a certified welder, and have access to everything that I would need to do this car, but I've just never done a car before. I worry about bracing the chassis enough, cutting to much out at one time, making sure everything is square, and being able to do a respectable enough job to do the car at lease some justice haha.

Anyways, having just picked the car up last night, I still have lots to think about, and still need to dive into it a little further to see the extent. I've thought about just selling it to someone who can actually afford to bring the car back 100%, but it would be kind of hard to get rid of it. What do you guys think this car is worth? It is not numbers matching, but has the same vintage 1300 with a guilia ti 5spd. No log book, but I am hopeful on that front.

For sale at Berverly Hills Car Club 10/11/2016