Previous Owners: Ed Keller
I bought it in 1986 from a gentleman in Ellicott City, MD who had owned it for ten years (Mr. Gellar or Kellar, I think). He told me he had bought it from a Baltimore city policeman.

I was in the Army and drove it from Ft. Bragg to see friends in Baltimore/Washington as often as I could. On one of these trips I watched the odometer roll over to 00000.

The only problems I had were with the generator, which I became quite adept at changing and having rebuilt.
Then in 1988 I got out of the Army, spent the summer in Baltimore (when my car was "Last seen") and went to Italy for a year of graduate school. I stored it in a friend's garage in Baltimore until I came back from Italy and lived in Arlington, VA for the second year of graduate school.
I invested some money and had the electrical system looked at and discovered that not only could it be fixed, but when it was the AM radio still worked (not much to listen to, though).

Then off to Italy for what became six years with the car stored on a friend's father's farm in Idaho.
Back from Italy in 1997 I had the car brought back to the east coast where I live in NJ about 45 minutes away from Newark.

I'm slowly getting it into nice shape, hoping to pass it on to my boys, now aged three and one.