HISTORY: Rare model. Restored by renowned specialist. Only 3 owners. Ex-collection of E. Moll.

Chassis 551, with its original engine 00120.

Special order made ​​by Mrs. Bertone, who will ultimately delivered to the dealer ALFA ROMEO LUGANO.

Handles door / rear quarter / specific power windows 2600. Amarante color. Interior light gray / blue

STATE CONTEST Folder Visible detailed pictures in our workshop Swiss documents.

Technical control made.

As seen on the Aguttes auction website on January 17, 2016
1961 - ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SS 1300 "A Bertone dress haute couture" Alfa Romeo 50s are part of these cars that are not described with superlatives. They are divinely Italian, with dresses to aluminum curves manufactured by leading designers such as Bertone, Pininfarina and Zagato. Engine sing like divas and sports performance are at the rendezvous. In 1957, after the success of the Giulietta, available in coupe, sedan and spider, Alfa will lan cer a new spinoff of Sprint Veloce is Scaglione and Bertone to draw Sprint Speciale. It is presented to the press at the Turin Salon 1958. The automobile displays a grace rarely seen in the 50s: the low bride checkout line to the short wheelbase, the bubble-shaped roof and sleek lines make immediately feel and contrast with automotive buxom legacy of war. No less than three prototypes were presented before reaching the final stage of such a line which still dazzles the greatest aesthetes. Alfa Romeo also pushing innovation under the hood. In 1958, some solutions such as dual overhead cam head are reserved to cars is very high-end, either those for the competition. Clover engineers are developing a four-cylinder all-aluminum, dual overhead, hemispherical chambers and drive two strings. The motor is powered by two Weber 40 DCOE carburetors body double, increasing the total power of the Sprint Speciale 100 horses. Unusually for the time, the box is five fully synchronized gears. She has four four drum brakes. It's incredible Cx that will allow the car an excellent top speed, even its weight will make it a grand touring car and not competition. Outward sign of sportsmanship, she even has a deflector in front of the windscreen that allows better operation of high-speed windshield wipers. In 1962 she will inherit the 800 engine of the Giulia. This sublime Alfa Romeo is the perfect example of the synthesis manufacturer that wanted to operate in the aftermath of war: sporty and affordable, terribly beautiful and desirable. This car remains one of the most spectacular achievements and "haute couture" has ever proposed the Turin firm.
The Giulietta SS was produced only 1,366 copies. The car shown is an exceptional SS 1961. In state competitions, it was fully restored in Switzerland. According to information provided by the seller, the history of this car is very special because it was made on special order for Ms. Bertone. It was finally delivered to the Alfa Romeo dealership Lugano in Switzerland.
This car is "matching numbers" thus equipped with its original engine. It is painted in its beautiful burgundy too original. Its two-tone upholstery is matched gray and burgundy, and the carpets are assorted. This copy is the only one with power windows and would have known that three Swiss owners.
This car is extremely desirable and in absolutely perfect condition. The ever-growing value of this exceptional model makes it a benchmark in the market. The small number of copies for sale and the cost of a high end restaurant make our SS room of choice.

Make: Alfa Romeo Model: Giulietta SS 1300 Vintage: 1961 Mileage: 24,010 km on the clock Engine: 4 cylinders Displacement: 1290 cm3 No. Chassis: AR 10120 00551 Title traffic Suisse Sold cleared ready to be registered in France A summums of Italian elegance A copy of state contests A rating continued strong upward

UPDATE January 2020, BONHAMS AUCTION WEBSITE (info copied from there)

1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS Coupé
Coachwork by Carrozzeria Bertone
Chassis no. AR101 2000551

With the introduction of the Giulietta, Alfa Romeo established the 'small car, big performance' formula that would characterise the Milanese marque's finest offerings from then on. First of the Giuliettas, the Bertone-styled Giulietta Sprint Coupé debuted at the Turin Motor Show in April 1954 powered by a 1.3-litre, all-alloy version of Alfa's classic twin-cam four designed by one-time Ferrari engineer Giuseppe Busso. The original Sprint Coupé was soon joined by Berlina (saloon) and Spider (open) versions.The Giulietta family's success surprised even Alfa themselves; production targets were revised upwards and to satisfy demands for increased performance, upgraded 'Veloce' versions of the Sprint coupé and Spider convertible were introduced for 1956.

In 1957 Alfa Romeo introduced the model now recognised as the ultimate Giulietta - the Sprint Speciale – which was the first of the new 101-Series cars. Built on a slightly shorter wheelbase than the standard Sprint, and again the work of Carrozzeria Bertone, the mouth-wateringly curvaceous 'SS' came with 100bhp on tap, a five-speed gearbox, and a top speed of 200km/h (125mph). Compact, aerodynamically efficient, and very powerful for its size, the SS proved highly successful in 1,300cc class racing the world over. A mere 1,366 had been produced by the time the model was superseded in 1963 by the 1,600cc Giulia version, which was the only car in the new range to retain an existing Giulietta body style. Outwardly distinguishable from the outgoing Giulietta Sprint Speciale only by identifying tail script, different sidelights, and a revised dashboard, the Giulia boasted front disc brakes and the more powerful (129bhp) Veloce-specification engine. 1,399 examples of the Bertone-bodied Giulia Sprint Speciales were built between 1963 and 1965, making the total for both types 2,765, and today both of these rare models are highly prized by Alfa Romeo connoisseurs.

The Alfa Romeo Museum's Centro Documentazione has confirmed that this Giulietta left the works on 6th March 1961 and subsequently was sold to its first owner in Lugano, Switzerland, believed to be a female member of the Bertone family. This car is believed to be the only existing example with electric windows, and it also has special larger door handles similar to the later 105 Series; features which, it is presumed, were specified by the original owner. The original colour was Amaranto (dark red), the same as it is today. Alfa Romeo has no records of the original engine's number, but the unit installed ('AR 00120 01019') is of the correct type for the car as confirmed by Alfa Romeo. The Alfa has had only four owners from new and has been completely restored in Switzerland.