HISTORY: 1964 Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint Speciale Project car for restoration:

Note: The VIN showed up in my Alfa history book as both a 1964 and 1965. I am leaning more towards 1965 though as 381285 is on the high end of the number run. Please let me know if it is otherwise. Also, I have plenty more pictures with details of the underside, etc., please contact me with email address if you would like to receive them.

I am listing this car for the current owner who has had this car for over 30 years, over 25 of which it has been in dry storage. Currently the engine does not start and brakes are non-functioning needing a complete rebuild, but the emergency brake holds and the car rolls well.

The body does need some rust and dent repairs as there is a dent in the right front fender along with a few smaller ones primarily on the passenger side. There is some rust which is most prominent in the driver’s side rocker panel and front fender along with some cosmetic rust around the left rear wheel well and the lower front fenders. The rocker panels were reinforced when current owner acquired the car. The doors open and close fine. Car was originally dark green but at some point was given a mediocre red paint job. One of the hubcaps is missing.

As far as the interior is concerned, the dash assembly is in descent shape but the seats pictured in car are from a 1967 Alfa GTV. The original seats and frames are included but the foam filler has disintegrated and needs replacement and prior to reupholstering. The original panels for the rear parcel shelf are included. The headliner could use replacement. The rear window and door glass are in reasonably good shape though the front windshield has quite a bit of wiper rash that will probably buff out. We do have a good front windshield available at an extra cost.

This car could be made roadworthy with a reasonable amount of mechanical work but since restored examples have been selling north of 75k, this particular vehicle would be a great example to perform a full restoration on especially as it only has an odometer reading of 58,938 miles. This vehicle does have a MA title that needs to be located along with the keys. If not found, a copy of the title will be obtained from the registry and new keys will be made.


1570cc twin-cam engine 129HP w/ two Weber
DCOE40 carbs.
5-speed manual transmission.
Front disc brakes – rear drum brakes.
Vehicle is located in the Boston, Massachusetts area where it was last registered in 1983. Shipping either domestic of overseas is the responsibility of the buyer though we can assist in loading. Delivery in the northeast U.S. is available at a rate of $1.50 per mile. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

This item is being listed locally through other venues so we reserve the right to end this auction at any time.

Please note: Descriptions of vehicles such as this can be quite subjective, so please ask lots of questions, ask for more pictures if needed and if possible contact me to view the car in person.