HISTORY: In the summer of 2006 I saw an advertisement of a SS1300 for sale. I went over and bought the car with a lot of spares.

In reasonably good conditon. Nowhere rotten, altough there are a few places which have to be taken care of. Not in the bottom, but there where parts are welded together. The only thing that is not so nice is the rear (and a bit less) bumper. The chrome is getting of, so it has to be rechromed again.

The brakes had a few problems, but after complete restauration it brakes good again. At first it was sold in France, some wehere in the ninety's it came to Holland, was sold to the previous owner and the rest I described.

Build 1962
Chassis number AR*177469*
Color red, but was originally dark blue I was told (no pictures)
Motor number (on the identification plate) : 01687 (I have to check it in the car).