HISTORY:Italian registration Chassis # 1493.02258 Engine # AR1315 * 59056 Original engine No. AR1315 * 30107, comes with car - An authentic Sprint Veloce model - In a very 'seductive' condition - Rare model, with sporty personality - Mille Miglia eligible An aesthetic masterpiece, the Giulietta Sprint was not yet a priority for Alfa Romeo. Having fallen behind schedule on its new 1300 saloon, the manufacturer launched the coupe version first in 1954 at the Turin Motor Show, to make customers wait. A design from Bertone was chosen to host the 1300 twin-cam engine inspired by the 1900. The Giulietta Sprint developed 65bhp, which was remarkable power for its time for such a small displacement engine. Seductive and elegant, it attracted orders and became a real success. But it did not quite satisfy the sportier buyers, those into weekends' hill climb races and all kinds of competitions which fascinated Italy, the most famous being the Mille Miglia. Alfa Romeo therefore focused on the Sprint and began working on the engine engineer Busso managed to increase the power from 65 to 80bhp. The body too was seen as too heavy. Bertone managed to make it some 70kg lighter by using aluminum panels and Plexiglas, and by stripping the cabin of the car. These improved the weight-to-power ratio from 13.1kg to 8.1kg. The new car, which took the name of Sprint Veloce (SV), made its first appearance at the hill climb of Coppa della Consuma on April 22, 1956, near Florence, and its driver immediately posted the second best time. This was the beginning of a brilliant career for this car that would eventually culminate with the SVZ, the Zagato bodied, even lighter and sportier. The real "customer competition" car was the Sprint Veloce, which saw limited production of just over 3,000 units.

Alfa Romeo archives confirm that the car that we are offering here is a Giulietta Sprint Veloce, which left the factory on June 24, 1956 and was sold on July 4 in the municipality of Ovada, in the province of Alessandria, Italy. These records also indicate that the car was blue in colour, which has not changed since. It is therefore one of the first built models and we can also note that the registration for the Automobile Club d'Italia is done under the "Giulietta Sport" category.

Its first owner was Mr. Stefano Repetto, an experienced preparer of cars. It is therefore very likely that the car was engaged in competition in its early years. Its "Libretto" from 1964 track the chain of owners till today, and from that we know that it came into the collection of its current owner in 2003, and that it still bears its registration plates of Alexandria.

This Giulietta Sprint Veloce is today in an attractive condition for use, as if it had just finished a rally and was preparing for the next. The paint is old but well preserved and the interior has a sporty ambience reflecting well the personality of this car. The seats have streamlined tubing specific to the Veloce and are in cream leather imitation with blue piping. The doors, as well as the windows, are in aluminum and have sliding Plexiglas panes with a simple net for door pockets. The floors have no carpet and the odometer shows 9,080km. In addition to the doors, the rear boot is also made of aluminum. Today, the car is equipped with engine No. AR1315 * 59056 with two Weber carburetors 40 DCO3, but the original engine block No. R1315 * 30107 will come with the car. Mille Miglia eligible, this rare model indeed, great to drive, this Sprint Veloce is among the very first ones built, a car that reflects the enthusiasm and the character of Alfa Romeo sports cars.This is indeed an opportunity that does not present itself often.

The cars in this collection are all offered without contôle technique (MOT). New legislation prevents us from obtaining an MOT for a vehicle that is not registered in France.